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AI7 Tour Review

Idols Live 2008

Overall it was really fun, the concert was excellent and getting some autographs from the Idols afterwards was pretty cool.

I thought everyone was decent but Ramiele and Syehsa were at the bottom of the pack for me personally.

The setup of the concert was good, 3 songs each for 10-3, 4 for little David and 5 for Cookie.

They introduced everyone with a cool thing on the big screen with their position, I only took a picture of David's so I'll show you his. The announcer would be like #10 Chikeze and then they'd come out and do their thing.

Chikeze was of course first and he was a good opening act. He always had a lot of energy and personality and he brought that to the tour too. It would have been boring if like Ramiele or Syesha had opened up imo. His first song was "I Believe to My Soul" and I personally liked Chikeze's voice when they originally showed him on AI and I like the song so I quite enjoyed his performance. He's a good singer and brought a lot too the tour, a far better person to have on there than say Amanda. He was great, awesome way to start the show.

Ramiele was up next of course since she was #9 and her inability to pick songs for herself extended to the concert stage. One of her numbers was "If I Never See Your Face Again" by Rhianna and Maroon 5 and it was pretty shitty. I never enjoyed her on the show and I didn't particularly enjoy her in concert. She didn't make my ears bleed or anything but my favourite part of her set was definitely when her microphone when out (it was of course right before she sang a sleep inducing ballad.)

Onto #8 Michael. I have to say it was really weird having him go 3rd. I know he was the shocker boot and everything but it never occurred to me how early he went. Then again I guess he really went 5th but only the Top 10 tour so it's less strange. Anyway he was dreamy as always and his singing was excellent. He was off the show for so long so I enjoyed hearing him sing again, and live he was even better. It really is a shame he didn't get further. He opened his set up right with a high energy number, "We Will Rock You" and he was the first person who really got the crowd going. He sang my favourite performance by him on the show "It's All Wrong But It's All Right," which was of course soulful and fantastic. His last number was his favourite performance on the show, "Dream On" which was again great.

#7 was Kristy Lee who said she loved Canada and really wanted to go to Niagara Falls so she has to come back and go there. She did a song I don't know the name of first but it was great, she's great. That same lovable, endearing, fun personality she had on the show came through in concert. She changed up her setlist a little bit for the Toronto show and sang "Anyway" instead of "God Bless America" and apparently she only made the decision the night prior so the guitarist had to learn it really fast. She gave him props for doing such a great job on short notice afterward. She did great too. At this point I was so glad I hadn't spoiled myself by reading the set list for the show because I loved all the surprises I got when people sang. I was also glad she sang "Anyway" because "God Bless America" would have been sun beautifully but "Anyway" was my favourite performance on the show. She should change it up a bit more and sit that at a few dates in America, people would love it. Her set ended with some song called "Cowgirls" and there was lots of booty shaking for the "Kristy Lee is hot" people, although I'm not sure there was anyone of that variety at the show.

Up next was Carly who I was of course very excited to see being that she was my original favourite. Her song choices for the night were probably my favourite. She started off with "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence and as soon as the music for it started I knew it'd be amazing. Her vocals were phenomenal. Last night she was even more impressive than she was on the show. Loved her set. She also of course did "Crazy On You" which was one of my favourite Carly's performances on the show and she loves Heart so much that the song is always killer because she always has so much passion and wants to do it justice. I'm glad I got video of those two performances because they're definitely something I'll want to watch back. Just killer. Carly deserved to go further too, but I'm glad to see she does amazing things in an environment where she's not constantly being held to ridiculous standards or criticized incessantly on her wardrobe and other things unrelated to her talent. Amazing talent right there, I have a bad feeling she won't get a record deal but she deserves one. Love her.

#5 was Brooke and I was actually looking forward to seeing her in concert. She cracked at the end of Idol and blew it for herself but she was back on her game, made great song choices and it was really nice to see the Brooke I originally loved from the beginning of AI. The pressure of this show really took a toll on a few of the contestants and they were all much better on the tour than they were ending out their runs on the show, Brooke was one of them. She came up on stage through the bottom already sitting at her piano and pressing the first few keys of "Let It Be" and the crowd was very excited. This was one of Brooke's shining moments on the show and she shone just as brightly with it last night. I definitely took a video of it, as well as her next song. She sang "1234" by Feist one of Canada's homegrown talents for her next number and Feist is a favourite of Brooke's. Just with her guitar it was excellent. I quite enjoy Feist and this past year it was cool to see her get popular in the States, it's a cool song and Brooke did it justice. That's the kind of music she should make and I would definitely buy it. For her last number she did easily my favourite cover by her which is "Yellow" by Coldplay. I just adore her version of it and it was so awesome to hear it live after repeating on my iPod forever. I wish I had room to take a video of it but at least I already have an audio of it.

After Brooke they did the intermission. I was already getting impatient waiting for Cook to come out and do his set, especially since I knew the next 3 I had to sit through were some of my least favs.

After the break came Jason and my friend apparently hates him so she didn't come back for the start of his set. Even though I thought he lasted way longer than his talent warranted on the show I liked his set. He started out with "Over The Rainbow" which was good just like it was on the show. His second song was "Crazy" and he said he sang this one at all of his AI auditions so he credits it for getting him on the show and helping him go as far as we did. We never got to hear him sing it on the show because AI couldn't get the rights but it was very good. I took a video of this one. It made me see what the judges originally saw in Jason because from watching AI I never quite figured it out. His last song was "Daydream" which was also good. His voice is nice to listen to.

In 3rd position was the last girl standing Syesha whom I wasn't a fan of on the show and I'm not still a fan of after the concert. She decided for whatever reason to do "Umbrella" and she somehow managed to turn that into a glory note diva song. "Umbrella" for me has always been a nice, cool song and I didn't particularly enjoy her take on it. She also sang some "Beyonce" song and yelled and then sang some boring ass ballad. If Cook hadn't been coming out soon I might have taken a nap during it. The most entertaining part of Syesha's set had nothing to do with her. There were these tween girls sitting a few rows in front of us and they sang into their glow sticks and danced for every one of her songs. I looked more at them than I did at Syesha.

Number 2 really got the crowd going, deafening screams were rewarded with 4 performances from Archuleta. He started out on the piano with "Angels" complete with fog cover on the stage. There's not much to say about him. There's no denying he's a great singer but he's just not my cup of tea. He also sang "Apologize," some other song I can't remember and an excruciatingly boring song to close out his set. Loud screams and applause was of course given after each number. He was good but I was waiting for the main event.

Archuleta introduced Cook and was met with even more deafening screams than he had come in on. The moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived and I was ready with all the camera space I had saved. "Hello" was his opening number and it was fantastic, I saw a girl in the lobby wearing a shirt that said "Cook Had Me At Hello" too. He sang "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" second and his banter with the audience was the most genuine and easy going, I loved hearing him speak. His voice sounded so good so I made a video of it. His second song was "Time of My Life" and it also sounded great and I took another video. I did spoil most of Cook's songs for myself by accident so I knew his 4th song was coming and I had saved 3:30 minutes of video space for it. "My Hero" was next and he prefaced with it was a story about a girl and her family he met today and the girl had Leukemia and he talked about how it made something like singing on stage and playing guitar seem so unimportant. He then dedicated "My Hero" to her and his brother Adam of course. It was so awesome. It was a song I was really looking forward to hearing him play live and he didn't at all disappoint, I wish I had saved a little more space on my camera for the video because it was longer and I would have liked to have the whole thing. In the middle of the song he got out his camera and recorded the audience which was funny. He then left and of course the audience was yelling and screaming for him and then he came back out for his encore. He sang "Billie Jean" which I wish I had more space to record (I would have recorded the whole concert if I had the space, it was that good). Even better live than on TV, all of his songs were. I'm so glad I got to see him live and I'm looking forward to his solo tour. I wish I hadn't worked yesterday because apparently he came out and did the autographs thing prior to the show but he didn't come out after, lots of fans were disappointed by that, lots of Cook fans in Toronto for sure.

The two group numbers were excellent too, I wish there had been a few more of them. They always sounded like crap together on the show but they worked it out for the concert. Everyone except Jason/Syesha/David/David sang "One" in the middle of the show after Brooke's spiel about IGB. U2 is one of my favourite bands and I love the song so it was awesome to hear them all sing it. They sounded excellent. Carly and Michael did a chunk of it together which was particularly awesome. The other group number was "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rhianna to close out the show. The crowd was loving it and of course that's where everyone got treated to Mavid dancing which was jokes. The girls all sounded great together and of course David singing Rhianna is love.

Excellent show. A+ to American Idol.

After the show they did an autograph line up, the Idols came out and walked the line up and signed autographs. Cook didn't come out but that's cool, hopefully he was resting up for his next excellent show. I got to see sexy Michael up close and get his autograph, I also got my favourite Irish girl's autograph and one from Brooke as well. They were all great with the fans even though it was crazy. Someone told Michael he was a great dancer and he was all like "no, no I'm really not." It was funny.

I had a great time.
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So I guess I kind of suck at this LJ thing. I never update and all I ever post is Idol reviews, when I remember that is. I was reading my old entries and I want to try and update more often only because I liked to go back and read what I wrote. I'm vain and I like to read my own writing, oh and yeah the memories, I like those.

So everything has basically happened since my last update. A whole school year has gone by. I started and finished my first year of University, at McMaster. Lived in Hedden Hall, made a few great new friends even though I suck hard at making friends and had a pretty good time. Oh yeah and I did well with the whole school work part too. Most memorable moment would have to be not even reading The Social Contract and getting an A on the paper and having it called brilliant. That's right I didn't even read the material and my TA thought my paper was brilliant. Onto to 2nd year.

I'll be living in Whidden Hall this year, older and doesn't have private bathrooms which sucks or air conditioning, but I do get my own room which is cool. I got into the Multimedia program so I'll be doing a bunch of fun classes. I didn't get into the Graphic Design course even though I was signing up for courses at like 12:30 am, it was already full which blows. That said it should be a good year. I can't wait to go back, I miss hanging out with my Mac friends.

I finally managed to get a job for the Summer, but that didn't work out, but I got another one. I took months of trying but at least I'll make some money for school. I work at Sears Outlet Store, in the Linens department, so I fold Linens, clean up really messy shelves and help rude customers (and the occasional nice one).

I'm going to the AI7 concert on Saturday so that should be fun. I was supposed to go with Tara but now she can't go so I'm going with another friend instead. Still should be fun. I will melt into a pool of fangirlyness as soon as Mr. Cook walks onto the stage. Can't wait.

Not much else is new really. Just working a lot, occasionally doing something fun, awaiting the arrival of September 1st.
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Top 7 Review

So it's official David Cook has finally surpassed Carly as my #1 favourite. That's okay, she's still a very close #2 and they are two of my favourite AI contestants ever. I've never loved a male contestant on AI this much before. David C ftw!

Archuleta singing that song from Prince of Egypt
I don't know if I posted it here but I actually predicted a week or two ago that Archie would sing this and dedicate it to more disenfranchised people. It was almost barf enducing. I can't stand the sight or the sound of him or his fangirls anymore. I have no further comment.

Carly singing "Without You"

I liked it and felt Simon was once again too harsh on her. She's obviously not a chosen one anymore. It's like she tries and she tries but for Simon nothing is good enough because her last name isn't Archuleta and 12 year old girls won't have any interest in purchasing a CD for her. It's a shame her VISA fell through two years ago when Archie was too young to be on the show.

Syesha singing "Vanishing"

Nice song but there were way too many parts that were painful to listen to. Good thing the judges gave her good commentary though, after last week I'm sure she was ready to cut them if they had dared say anything negative.

Brooke singing "Hero"

I think I would have preferred it with a guitar. Honestly though Brooke was easily the worst. She does not have the vocal skill to have done anything of Mariah's justice, especially if she wasn't going to even change it up that much. She didn't go for big glory notes and she still didn't sound good.

Kristy Lee singing "Forever"

Looks like she's overstayed her welcome a bit too long for Simon. She was excellent and I'm glad Paula had the balls to tell her the truth when Randy and Simon were feeding her bull********. She did a great job and she handled a week that definitely wasn't in her favour perfectly.

David C singing "Always Be My Baby"

I was a little worried about this week's theme for DC but he pulled it out. Best of the night by far and he did a wonderful rendition of one of the few Mariah songs I actually know and like. I was very impressed. I love this guy and I hope he wins. His brother is probably so proud of him, the look on his face after getting to watch his little brother put a smile on my face.

Jason singing something I forget the name of

It was decent but definitely not a great vocal. He really didn't deserve as much praise as he got for it.

I want to have DCook's babies.
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Top 8 Review

Michael singing "Dream On"

I felt it was a good song choice for him and that he sang it well. It wasn't one of my favourites from him but I think he is back in the game and is trying harder now to pick the right songs. There were parts that were wonderful but I wasn't jumping out of my chair to use a Simonism.

Jason singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

I'm not a Jason fan but I quite loved what he did. A little known fact about me is that I am absolutely in love with the instrument known as the ukulele aka the one Jason played tonight. My favourite thing in the world to listen to is Jake Shimabukuro playing the "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on the ukulele. Back to Jason though. It was an excellent song choice and it was very enjoyable to listen to.

I thought I'd share the video I mentioned of Jake Shimabukuro.


Kristy Lee singing "Anyway"

For me it was the best performance of the night. I thought more so than anyone she picked the perfect song and absolutely poured out her heart and soul on it. She sang very well, you could tell how much effort she put into the performance and it was lovely. I've been saying for a while that I'm in love with her personality and that the one thing I love about her is that she's really fighting to stay in it and do her best and she proved that once again tonight. Loved it.

Syesha singing "I Believe"

As soon as I read her song choice I went wtf? Honestly I think Syesha thinks she's a lot better than she really is, hence her reaction to the judges tonight. It felt like she thought she was going to bring down the once and make everyone cry because she was so phenomenal and inspirational. I'm not a Fantasia fan at all but the judges were right, the emotional connection Fantasia has with that song cannot be replicated by anyone else. Crappy song choice and parts of it were painful to listen to imo.

Carly singing "The Show Must Go On"

I agree with Randy that the beginning was good and she lost it a bit in the middle. When she started I quite liked it and thought it would be a standout performance but it didn't turn out that way. Carly is a wonderful singer and she sang it quite well but it kind of lost momentum in the middle and it killed the performance a bit. Not her best but I don't think she deserves to be in trouble because of it, she's still the best vocalist in the competition and the judges again tonight were harping that this competition is about singing well and Carly does.

David C singing "Innocent"

It was a little weird hearing the song done without starting with the first verse, I think for people who don't know the song well it might have been harder for them to get into because of it. However I know 2 reasons why David would have chosen the much more powerful second verse and I can understand his decision. Personally I really liked what David did with it. I don't think it was his best performance but you could feel the connection David had with the lyrics. It was emotional and powerful.

Brooke sings "You've Got A Friend"

Every time I hear this song I can't help but hear Theresa Sokyrka's group performance from Toronto week of it. She sang it beautifully and with so much soul, but what is memorable about it is this awful girl who was in her group who sounded exactly like a goat. Due to that I laugh every time I hear this song sang. In any case I'm with Simon, it was pleasant. It wasn't spectacular or anything but it was nice to listen to.

David A sings "Angels"

Aside from the distracting way he sang the word angels it was very nice. Not a David fan and I don't think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread but it was a good song choice and it was really good. I do wish he wouldn't bullshit in the pre-performance videos though. I would much rather him be honest and say he's sang the song a lot before than talk up how he was listening to a bunch of options and he just heard this one and picked it. In any case though it was good, not his best vocal though. Randy was on crack, Simon was right about the nasal bit.
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Dolly Parton Week Review

I quite liked tonight's show. I thought most of them were at the very least good and I didn't think there were any atrocious performances which is always good.


I liked it but not as much as I've liked her other performances, it wasn't her best. I thought it was an interesting song choice too, I think it would have served both her and Kristy well had they switched songs. Overall though I liked it. Also I had to laugh to myself, I'm such a dork. I thought when I heard her singing that Brooke's man is pretty hot, I can see why Jolene would want him.


She wasn't nearly as bad or as boring as she has been in past weeks but I didn't love it. I thought she had some really good moments but I don't know if the song choice worked for her. Something even more upbeat and fun would have been a better choice. Again though I did think she had some really nice moments vocally.


I liked it. I thought it was a good song choice for him and I thought he sang it very well. I was originally a fan of his because his tone does appeal to me and that tone really came through tonight and I enjoyed it. If he would give more performances like this and get praise I would be fine with that, it's the fact that he's not living up to this standard every week and getting by that bothers me.


I think the judges were too harsh on her this week, Simon in particular. It was her night like Randy said, her genre and I think she did very well. She's not the best singer in the competition and she shouldn't win but at the very least the girl is trying each week to impress and to do well. She's certainly not coasting and I have to give her some credit for that. I enjoyed it.


I don't remember whose performance it was said after but Simon lied through his teeth when he said he likes Country music. He's said numerous times in the past that he doesn't get it or like it and that showed tonight in his comments to people. I liked Jason's performance. I thought it was a nice song for him and I liked it. I personally don't think he's a great singer but after last week being called out for not seeming like he wanted it I thought he tried. I didn't love it, but I liked it.


Whatever was up Simon's ****** tonight was sideways, it was clear he just wasn't feeling the theme as he seemingly didn't really enjoy anything and threw out only a few nice comments when he felt he had to. Personally I thought Carly's performance was stunning. She's such an amazing singer and it showed through tonight. I loved her song choice and I loved the performance. I thought she did it well without over doing it with a bunch of glory notes. I loved the softer parts of the performance especially.

David C

Even though it was very staged I'm glad they got the whole arrangement thing out of the way. It's been so over talked about it, hopefully people will shut up about it now. I did like though that he did his own arrangement tonight and that he didn't use his electric guitar and try and make a Dolly song hard rock. I thought it was really nice and I loved his voice on it. He's a star.


It felt like she was just begging Simon to call her out for not being as good as Whitney. Overall she's gotten better reception after her softer numbers and I think she could have pulled it off doing only the Dolly version of the song. The first half of her performance was quite wonderful. Then she went and ruined it by trying to do the Whitney version too. If she had stuck to just the softer Dolly original version of the song I think her performance could have been one of the best of the night.


Absolutely fantastic way to close to the show. I loved it. He picked a great song and sang it very well. I agree with Randy that each week he's been improving or trying to improve and show more. It was lovely.
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Top 10 Performance review

Okay since I totally posted my Top 11 review way too late I'm making up for it by posting my Top 10 review right now.

Ramiele Malubay singing "Alone" by Heart

The start was decent but she made a horrific song choice. It got bad when she got into the chorus. I needed it to end after that first chorus but of course she went on and when she was screaming "ALONNNNNNNNNNNNE" I wanted to rip my ears off. WTF? I'm going to go out there and say it, WORST.SONGCHOICE.EVER. She obviously has no sense of how to pick a song that is right for her skill level and one she can connect with. Ramiele fails again.

Jason Castro singing "Fragile" by Sting

His intro video was less annoying this week since he actually spoke more than 3 words in one minute. Boring song choice right off the bat, plus again it's the same thing every week. I get it when people have a style but I would like to see people change things up slightly. Like David Cook I think sticks to his style but does things a little bit different every week, and I also liked Brooke switching from guitar one week and then a piano number the next. I thought his singing, especially toward the end was pretty bad. I didn't enjoy it at all. Please go home, asap.

Syesha Mercado singing some song

I'm actually glad to see that Syesha has ignored Randy's voice and hasn't gone back to straight up only screaming and yelling. She did really well with the song she picked and didn't make my ears bleed. That said I'm not a Syesha fan, I'm not into her diva style type thing. I'd like to see her go home sooner rather than later. The only reason she's still around is because of the lack of power belting divas this season, she's the only option for people who like that kind of thing. Had she been in last season her ass would have been grass, Melinda and even Jordin and those other two chicks in the semis would have sang circles around this screaming bitch.

Chikeze Eze singing a Luther Vandross song

Props right off the bat for a Byrd mention. His mom is hilarious too, I love her reactions every time he's safe. Chikeze was more fun when he was attempting to be the first black male Country singer in the world. I thought he sang decently but I was bored and the singing wasn't good enough to like blow me away or anything. Some parts were nice, but overall I was yawning. Oh and did I mention that I refuse to simply call him Chikeze. Bitch you can't just drop your last name yet, you're not Cher or Jewel or anyone else who goes by one name. Chikeze Eze it is.

Brooke White singing "Every Breath You Take"

I must say I love her parents. Quinn and Brooke are like the coolest names ever. Brooke needs to not straighten her hair, it looks lovely but it makes her look way older than 24. I thought she did a really nice job. I enjoyed it. She was back to doing her thing and it didn't involve any awkward dancing which was a plus. She's definitely not the strongest singer but it doesn't matter because she sings well enough, she picks songs she has the ability to sing well and she's actually engaging. I love her. I'm just hoping her desperate psycho side goes away and soon. Stop talking Brooke.

Michael Johns singing Queen

I loved Michael's intro video, he reminds me of myself, lol. The cards thing was hilarious, I'm an overly competitive person. I really liked the beginning "We Will Rock You" part and the way he transitioned into the next song. I thought it was a good song choice. He's been slammed week after week, he had to go all out and kill it performance wise and vocally. I think he did pretty well, I quite enjoyed it but I love Michael's voice and I really like his laid back style. The end was particularly good.

Carly Smithson my Irish love singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

She was so cute as kid, awww. She was named after Carly Simon, awww. Cutest curly fro ever, awww. (Do you like my Archuleta fan impression?) The backup singers are usually friggin' awesome but the back up singer totally sucked tonight, she ruined the beginning of it completely. There were some rough patches for sure but overall I thought Carly did a pretty good job. Her last name isn't Archuleta though so I'm not surprised she (just like most of the others) got slammed by the judges. I wonder what the actual memo says that TPTB give to the judges each week. [Remember only Archiekins gets big praise. Love Nigelz xoxo.] That said I agreed with Simon a little bit, she needs to lighten the fuck up. She was probably very uptight because she didn't want to be in the bottom 3 again, that or she's pregnant (have you been keeping up with your Idol rumours?)

Precious Golden Angel Boy singing a song that was actually released in 1986 even though his birth year is 1990 because bending theme rules is always okay for TCO

I've heard this song before, but I don't remember where. All while he was singing I was wondering which disenfranchised group he'd exploit for votes this week after his cheesy performance. He can sing but he's not that good and he's nowhere near the second coming like the judges seem to act like he is. It wasn't good imo and I wan't him gone. Luckily I don't think he'll win, even if he does torture us until F2.

Kristy Lee Cook pandering to the patriots and right wing with "God Bless America"

Screw Archuleta and Ramiele, Kristy Lee is the most adorable one in the Top 10. I'm totally loving this girl's personality. Absolutely brilliant song choice. Not the kind of thing you'd expect someone to pick for this theme, or any theme but she needed to get votes somehow. That said it was definitely her best vocal performance and she obviously had a strong emotional connection to the lyrics. She did very well imo. Good to see her have a good performance and get some nice critiques from the judges. It probably sucks to get harsh commentary from them every week. I'm on the Kristy love train, it's mostly based on her personality though. I'm just finding her so likable and I find myself wanting to root for her.

David Cook singing "Billie Jean" in the pimp spot

I'm a hardcore David Cook lover so as always I was really looking forward to his performance. For the people who have been saying David Cook ripped off Chris Cornell without crediting him Ryan Seacrest clearly said right before his song "WITH CHRIS CORNELL'S VERSION OF BILLY JEAN." I absolutely loved it. He's got his style but he changes it up a bit every week, I don't feel like he's doing the same garbage week after week. I know my Irish girl isn't winning this thing and Brooke's chances are slipping every week she opens her mouth during the judges critiques so DCook ftw! Great way to close the show.

Enjoy Tori.

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American Idol Top 11 Review

Okay so I'm a lying bitch, sorry toristargirl I lied and said I would post my Top 11 review the other day, I totally forgot.

Here it is if you still want to read it.

Amanda - Again I didn't like it but I'm going to get real here, I'm never going to like anything she does unless she ever does something different. She made her point and she's showing people who she is and what they'd get if they came to her concert, but that's not going to help her go too far if she's not willing to show off some different sides.

- Her personality is kind of growing on me so I sort of feel bad that she's getting so trashed by the judges. I didn't think she was that bad this week and I actually kind of liked it. I didn't think it was anything special or stellar and I don't think she should be in the finals but it wasn't horrifying like last week, AND I think she's trying really hard.

David A
- I had a huge problem with Simon tonight personally. You'd swear Simon goes to the dress rehearsal to see if Archuleta remembers the words and if he does Simon calls it a day, calls him amazing and trashes as many of the others as he can. Archuleta is just a young boy who can sing well and that's all. The performance wasn't memorable or amazing. I'm disappointed that in a season with such great talent this is our front runner.

Michael - Odd song choice to do on Idol but he has a reason behind it and that was nice. I didn't like the way it was chopped up though. I hated that middle section he did but I liked his voice on the beginning and end sections and I was glad they chose to show off one of those in the recap. I give the guy props for being a performer too, some of these contestants seem lost on the big stage.

- I really love the song she chose, it's one of my favourite Beatles tunes and I think it fits her personality and who she is. That said it wasn't her best performance and I much prefer her doing more of the type of cool, different instrument arrangements she had been doing. The awkwardness though for me didn't take away from the performance. Awkwardness to me is endearing and likable. Again I like to see people trying, she tried something.

David C - I just love this guy, he's just wonderful. I've never really been a fan of the rockers on Idol but David to me is the real deal and I love what he does. I didn't get Simon's comments to him really.

- She sang another one of my favourite Beatles songs and I thought she did it very well. I thought she made a wise choice if doing something a little bit softer and not doing a huge song with lots of belting like she had been doing. She still showed off her vocal skill but it was different and it was very subtle and nice. Simon tonight had to be in "redeem Archuleta mode" where he praised the least amount of people as possible and trashed as many as he could for random reasons.

- I loved it. I'm not a fan of his and I really want to hit him every time he speaks in his videos but I really liked what he did. I enjoyed listening to him.

Chikeze - Strange song choice. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. The harmonica was just stupid imo.

- I'm actually quite glad she didn't listen to the judges when they told her to start yelling again and only yell. I thought it was a good song choice and I like hearing a softer side of Syesha. I don't think she's amazing and if I had my way she wouldn't have been in the finals but she's there now and I want to see more performances in this vein in than in the "look how great I am, see how loud I can yell" vein.

Ramiele - This might be a shocker but I quite enjoyed it. I liked her voice on the song and damn if she wasn't adorable tonight.
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American Idol Top 12

I haven't posted an update here in like forever and this isn't really an update (maybe I'll post a real update sometime) but I had a request for my opinions on American Idol Season7 so I decided I would oblige and post them here.

I don't have the time to do my full on reviews anymore but I post a rundown of my thoughts on each performance every week at message boards anyway so I figured I could post here too.

Without further adieu (is that how it's spelt?) this is for you toristargirl
Top 12 - Beatles Week

Overall except for a few horrific moments I quite liked the show. I won't lie I totally want Kady in the Top 12 but I suppose I'll live without her, at least I won't have to suffer through Simon berating her every week.

Syesha - I just don't like her, I think she's totally overrated and I want her to go home. It was awful, but it wasn't good. She's particularly awful when she's doing her loud screaming thing, but she's still bad when she tones it down and tries to do a softer song. I really don't understand why she has fans or why she was voted into the finals. Plus she's arrogant to boot and I can't stand her personality.

Chikeze - Loved it, I totally didn't expect something like that from him but it was great. Very enjoyable. I'm starting to remember why I originally loved him. After his audition I was rooting for him and in the semis he kind of lost me but last night I thought he rocked it. Very impressed.

Ramiele - Boring, she almost put me to sleep. I think she's a decent enough singer but she's another person whose appeal I don't understand. This is a singing competition, almost everyone can sing so the fact that she can sing doesn't impress me. I want her to be a "shocking" boot, and soon.

Jason - I liked it, but if he's going to do the same thing every week I'm about to be super bored by this guy. Plus I can't stand his "massive lack of personality" to use a Simonism or if you want me to put my own spin on it, his massively stupid personality. I can't say I was the least bit shocked when I found out he's a pot head. Usually I like his type of style too but he's just not very good at it imo. There's tons of guys out there who are better singers than him and do the acoustic vibe thing way better. I'm afraid he's going to go way further than he deserves too, based on things like the extreme overhype he got for doing "Hallelujah" which again has been done way better numerous times.

Carly - Wow. I usually talk through the show but my friend and I went completely silent for her performance. It was just amazing, this girl is so killer. In the beginning I felt like she had too much going against her but now I feel like she could win if she keeps knocking it out of the park. I know I don't hide my Idol favourites very well but in case you don't know, she's my favourite.

David C - I love this guy too. I enjoyed it very much and it's nice that he's a rocker but he's also proven that he does have a strong voice and can sing without the guitar and all that. He's like the anti-Jason to me. He pulls off his style well and can do things differently and make that work too.

Brooke - Again, wow. Brooke does the kind of musical style that I love most and she's great at it. I love having someone like her on AI for once.

[Sidenote: Carly, David C and Brooke would be the best Top 3 ever.]

David H - I agree that it was a bit corny and cheesy but I still love his voice and I also think he's super hot. I wish he would do a strip tease on AI but I'm assuming since they still market AI as a family show that won't happen anytime soon.

 [Sidenote: how much do you love all the scandals AI has this year?]

Amanda - Go home. Again I barely understood a word she was saying. Why she gets judge love I will never understand. She totally blows. Not the worst tonight but close enough.

Michael - I enjoyed the song choice, and I do like his voice. He is one of the people I feel has yet to connect with the perfect song choice though but I do look forward to hearing him try every week. I thought it was a really solid performance and it was very nice to see him do it straight, just sing and not jump around. I do wish though that singing "Across the Universe" required him to turn around and show off his ass a little.

KKKristy - I hate her. Why she made the Top 12 over Kady I will never, ever understand. She was horrific. Worst performance all season, except for anything Amanda has done. I want her gone asap.

David A - I quite enjoyed and agreed with Simon's comment early on in the show about this being a talent competition versus a popularity contest. David A is popular but miles and miles away from being the best talent wise. It was horrible to listen to and painful to watch. He deserves bottom 3, he won't get it, but deserves it. If this is how he's going to continue on he doesn't deserve to get anywhere near the Top 2. Anyone else would have been (and have been in the past) ripped a new one for forgetting that many words at this stage in the competition. It was all kinds of awful, topped only by the lovely (and by that I mean horrendous skank) Kristy Lee Cook.

If anyone is still watching this highly manipulated sham of an entertainment show please feel free to comme
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I haven't updated in like forever, not even with a random survey.

Oh well, I'm updating now, that's the important thing.

At the beginning of Grade 12 I was dreading it ending and having to move on but now that it is almost over I'm just ready to finish it off. I'm getting excited now to start something new next year.

Speaking of next year I finally got my acceptance letter from U of T which means I got accepted to all 4 Universities I applied to. I was worried when I first applied that I wouldn't get in anywhere. I wasn't really waiting on the U of T letter since I've already made up my mind but I was just curious about it.

I've decided I'm going to go to McMaster University in Hamilton next year. I now just have to accept my offer of admission and pay some money to accept my residence spot.

Once I finish my two oral presentations which I'm totally dreading I'm good to go for this year, all my major assignments will be finished. I have to present on Neo-Nazis in Germany and then I have to debate my partner on the subject of the Prime Minister, is he too powerful? It's not that I don't like the topics because of course the first one for history jumped off at the page at me because I'm absolutely fascinated by fascism, Hitler, Nazis etc. It's just that I absolutely hate oral presentations. I shake, I turn red, I stutter and I can't breathe properly, it's awful. As least I have a partner for each project but still. I really, really want to work on this fear though. I'm hoping I can work through it in my head this time and not freak myself out about it.

I'm really looking forward to graduation now. Especially Grade Nite @ Wonderland. Who doesn't want to spend all night with their very best friends at a freakin' amusement park? It's going to be awesome. Too bad Troy can't come though, stupid school play. As much as I'm going to enjoy the nigh with my girlfriends it's not going to be the same without by BFF.

That's about all I have to say right now.

I'll update again, hopefully soon.
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