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shared by two

10 June 1981

I'm Amy, a 29 (for the second time) year old special education teacher, currently doing a master's program in counselling psychology. Let's hope it means I get a real job soon! Also, I'm Canadian. And Canada is awesome.
things i like
Television. I like a LOT of television. My current show is Castle and my all time favourite show is the X Files (I seem to idolize kick ass females who are in law enforcement and crush on their more goofy partners). I'm currently catching up on Doctor Who, but I'm not a fan of the Eleven era, sorry!
other things i like
I also like books, and fashion, and graphic design, and shoes and cooking. And stuff.
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Banner by me with the help of:
Castle Fans photo gallery, Doctor Who screencaps, X Files screencaps, Harry Potter image via google, and textures from sanami276 on deviantart