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Anyway I'm really tired of my friends tbh. I was never really involved because I'm single and I'm not invited because of it and it just makes me more and more irritated. I just realize more and more how little I mean to people. I'm not meant for friends. LONE WOLF, THAT'S ME. Oh well.
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I Hate Your Facebook Statuses*

Does anyone have ANY decency or common sense at all anymore?

This site is especially fun for the idiotic relationship/marriage shmoopy (and REPULSIVE) statuses and messages: STFU, Marrieds. Endlessly entertaining. I visit every few days to so I can mock.

And the equally? bad: STFU, Parents.

You guys, assuming I ever get into a long term relationship again, if you see me heading down this path, I give you full permission to bean me with a blunt object and knock some sense into me okay? I likely won't because I have some privacy and I have no urge to let people know the exact moment I'm making out or peeing or something.

*no one on my Flist and on my Facebook is guilty of any of this, FWIW.
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My package has been further than I have ever been

I had my friend Mike send me my hiking backpack from the UK (the one thing I just could NOT fit in my luggage). Easy peasy right? No big deal? Right.

I got it today (he sent it over a month ago) and it had California stamped all over it. US Customs was all up its ass.

Excuse me? How dare you?


It was also in a different package as well so I assume they searched it. I hope the pencil case and extra pens and old Milka chocolate wrapper fulfilled the thrill.

I thought one of my 2GB camera memory cards was in it. It wasn't so I just checked my purse I used in London. It was there. Ooops.

My itrip is still missing however. That is the only thing that I lost on my whole *~adventure~*. I should be glad that was all but Goddamn. I love my itrip :(
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Due to the economy, Oprah's Favorite Things episode was downsized to be more affordable...

(UM, I couldn't afford a $500 cashmere bathrobe in previous years either Oprah. Boo to you)

And the episode sucks this year. Memory boxes and holiday recipes. That's it. The poor people in the audience only got some nasty ass pumpkin pie instead of $$$ clothes, shoes, extravagant bath stuff and fridges with tvs in them.

It isn't even tasty pie!

Crazy Americans and your love of all things pumpkin! *dry heave*

Oprah! The fun of the show was seeing the crazy ass shit you love and seeing the audience getting it!

Fail fail.
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I now know why everyone says visiting London is awesome. It IS awesome.

When you're a tourist.

I've done so many fun things and it's so awesome not having to work (yet have a lot of £ in the bank) etc etc etc. I went to the Tate Modern, the British Museum, platform 9¾ at Kings Cross (tribute to Harry Potter!), Sunday's all so much fun. I'm doing the London Zoo and Phantom of the Opera this week.

Living in London with a longterm stressful job and a shitty house with shitty housemates sucks and blows. Visiting London rocks.
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Amy Speaks Whinese

Oh my GOD.

Why do I have so much stuff?

What on earth did I buy here? I don't even know.

The only stuff I'm bringing back with me extra is like a bit of clothes...WHY does it seem impossible?

I've sold my printer and I'm giving away it SHOULD NOT BE AS MUCH AS IT SEEMS, DAMMIT. HOW will I ever get this all back home with me?


It's actually impossible. I'm sitting here just overwhelmed.
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Because of the constant reruns on tv here, I've gotten into three main shows like really badly. Bewitched (I know? Don't ask), ANTM and Criminal Minds.

Since CSI: Original Recipe managed to botch at least 3 characters after a great season, I refuse to watch it. Now Criminal Minds? SO GOOD. I can't believe I didn't really watch it at home. It's truly my favourite crime drama on tv. SO GOOD.

I loled at the Keith Carradine episode though - he was a prominent serial killer in it. I find it funny that he then went on to play a character on Dexter.
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How is it possible for me to owe OVER 200 MOTHERFUCKING POUNDS in bills for TWO WEEKS in September for my old place?????

I'm going to lose it.

My ulcer is getting bigger and bigger and I'm really going to be sick.

Oh and after my (unfortunately) passive aggressive note to, you know, stop eating all of my goddamn food, I found it funny to suddenly discover a new jar of lemon spread and a new pack of butter in the fridge. Two of the items that had been eaten on me. I'm glad to know that a) my note made an impact at least and, b) it wasn't my imagination. If I were a spiteful person, I'd use up some of that stuff that was eaten on me.