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  • sarajevo00
I am a fly on the wall.
A fly with a camera.

Let it be known:
I don't care for ratings communities.

I have little use for the indecisive.

Scott Humphrey entered the world of photography with a focus in concert photography. His emphasis has gradually changed over the years and he currently is documenting the architecture and character of the city of Detroit, Michigan. Beyond his love of Motown, he maintains a promising collection of macro work with insects and flora/fauna. Scott is an alternative high school teacher in Warren, Michigan and is deeply committed to helping at-risk teenagers. He holds a bachelors degree in education from Olivet College and a masters degree from Michigan State University in curriculum implementation and development. Over the next year, Scott hopes to document the plight of Detroit's forgotten people and places.

©2004 Scott Humphrey Photography

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©2004 Scott Humphrey Photography

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