To whom it may concern...

Yes, that would be you!

9 August 1989
Kalan Hatton

You and I
Cannot deny
To share our grateful frowns
Limping, graceful
Ever wasteful
Like our faith cannot be found.
Yet we whisper
Winter crisper
And dance upon a fallen star
And share our love
Or lack thereof
And watch the lights of passing cars.
We're skyward falling
Prepared and stalling
Hearing voices in the wall
I won't deny you
One last lie
Perhaps your god will hear your call.
I embrace the pain
Drives me insane
I fall, a mess, upon the floor,
You leave me there
With a shriveling stare.
I could not ask for more.
So stare at the sun
And stick out your thumb
And try to hitch a ride.
But if you stray
I cannot say
I'll still be at your side.

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