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Love - word

June 2013



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Jun. 21st, 2013

Love - word

Today is my Aniversary

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Feb. 14th, 2013

Love - word

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Jun. 29th, 2011

Love - word

While in Maui

This trip has been great for dallin and our marriage. He ISA lighter and happier person and I'm happy about that. Work is blowing up again and I'm thinking of hiring a housekeepe who would cook dinner and have a daily activity for daynen planned. Someone who can help him meet more friends. I have someone in. Mind but I do t know yet cause she's hot and I'd be jealous if I caught dallin looking at her the wrong way. But it would be so good for daynen. He seemes happier on the island but doesn't like the sand or the waves or ocean or swimming. Frustrating. Dallin and I are having fun just relaxing and going to the beach. He has been wonderful and we told each other all of our secrets and it feels so good. No judgement just understanding and love. We have also been having some amazing sex too. Woooooooo. Love it. Love him love Maui. I wouldn't go back home except that dallin and daynen need me. But Maui is so perfect. I posted a shit ton of my photos on facebook from Maui. Amazing atmosphere.

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Nov. 20th, 2010

Love - word


Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I cried for hours.

Day before yesterday, we're all working on an order (except rob). putting stickers on bags, mixing the herbs & flavoring & chem, and weighing out the proper amount for each bag, filling the bag, then heat sealing them. Its a long tedious job. I think we had to get out about 600 bags (by 9pm)

We've been working for hours. Rob knew we had orders to do and when they were due by. He just didn't show up. Brandon asked if we wanted him to call him. We said, "No, lets see when he decides to come to work." He never showed. so we finally sent Brandon over there to go grab him.

He comes bursting through the door and gets in Dallin's space and demands to know why we didn't call him. Dallin says, "dude, you knew we had work and when it was due. You knew how long it would take. It's obvious we're working right now. We shouldn't have to drag you to work" (or something very similar)

Rob throws a FIT. Starts yelling telling Dallin he's doing everything wrong and being an asshole. He yells "Fine you want to do this without me then! FINE FUCK YOU!" walks out the door and slams it as hard as he can.

Brandon and Dallin and I talked and tried to figure everything out. We didn't know if that was Rob quitting forever or just for today. I piped in and said "if he's quitting then why should we fight it? I mean do you guys want to try to kiss his ass to get him back working?" Dallin said no. Brandon was silent. He said something like "I guess to look at this objectively.... this situation at work isn't working. I understand that. I don't hate rob or anything but I guess I can see how this is necessary" He was bummed that we were no longer going to be working with Rob but he understood that Rob's behavior was out of control and he didn't want it continue like it was either. He just wished that we could have done things a better way from the start so this never happened. We all agreed with him

When rob first came here he was great! So helpful, didn't try to run the show but worked along side us. Then things started to go down hill.

For the last 4 or 5 months. EVERY time rob and Dallin work together there is tension and fighting and often yelling. This is both their faults but more so Robs because while Dallin might be stubborn, stuck in his ways, and bossy... he isn't a total asshole. Rob can't take direction. Dallin and I started this company. I don't care how hard you work and if you think you work harder than us... this is still our company and we decide what happens in it!

It's like brock all over again but worse.

So anyway... Yesterday rob shows up at the house when we're packaging and asks why he wasn't called to help. We explained we thought he quit. He blew up. He said he didn't. Dallin said, "dude sorry, you're done." and rob blew up. Rob got in his face and started calling dallin every name in the book, bitch, cunt, pussy, fatass (wtf?), etc. Screaming at dallin and brandon and I and threatening to call cps and have Daynen (dallin's handicapped bro) removed from our care. (which I don't think he could do. Daynen is well taken care of and happy). He threatened to call the cops and to start a whole war. He was screaming. Then he started lunging at Dallin telling him he was going to kill him. I had to hold back Dallin from beating up rob and brandon held back rob. IT WAS SO CRAZY!!!!! I can't handle that!!!!!! I can't take that! We got rob out of the house and brandon went to go talk him down and I took care of Dallin.

We had previously given rob our house key and a key to the P.O. Box. So Dallin went out and got new locks put on our doors.

ROB LIVES 2 HOUSES AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If he tries to physically attack me or Daynen, I'm worried that Dallin would be so angry he would not be able to stop punching him and he would get put in prison. He is so angry with rob! NEVER seen him this angry ever. He promised me he would not start a fight with rob but he told me if rob attacked him he would defend himself. I said ok but I told him not to do anything that will get him put in jail.

I can't believe rob was trying to break through brandon and I to kill dallin and brandons house. He was trying! I have no idea what I would have done if brandon wasn't there. I don't think rob could kill dallin. Dallin did martial arts and is really good. But Rob was definately trying screaming "IM GOING TO KILL YOU MOTHER FUCKER" he screamed that at us several times.

He was throwing punches left and right at dallin while Dallin is trying to talk him down and brandon and I are holding rob back. Rob didn't care if he punched me, he hit me several times when he was trying to get at Dallin.

Brandon is trying to keep the peace and trying to get things civil. We paid rob $800 yesterday and promised him $500 more when we get back but I"m terrified of him breaking into my house and stealing from us or vandalizing our property. I'm seriously worried.

I can't handle this stress. I'm going to the hospital to get help with my panic attacks then I'm skipping town with dallin and daynen for a week. FUCK THIS!

Apr. 9th, 2005

Love - word


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