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_fleur_'s Journal

Madame Fleur Delacour
La fille qui a rêvé.

General Information

Nicknames : (Prefers) Madame Delacour
Age : 18
Birthdate : June 30th
Wand : Willow with a single unicorn hair, 11½ inches.
Familiar : Chéri, a noble looking Barn Owl.
Hobbies : Looking at the stars and daydreaming of love.

Physical Description

Height : 177 cm. (5' 10")
Weight : 59 kg. (110 lbs.)
Hair : Blonde/Silver
Eyes : Blue/Grey

To describe Fleur in words is easy, just put in a 'beautiful' here and an 'elegant' there. Her figure is slim, but healthy and her height is above average for most females, of this she is proud. Over the Summer she has taken to wearing her long blonde/silver hair in a high ponytail and wearing more make up to darken her light features somewhat. Her dress is now classical 'Hogwarts teacher' black robe over a black dress, though hers is cut to show her fine features somewhat more.

When in casual wear, however, she loves wearing long, flowy dresses of light and natural colours (such as silver, white and greens). When forced to wear something other than a dress, she likes mud-washed muggle jeans and soft earth-toned t-shirts.

Fleur loves staring into the sky, so her head is often found looking upwards, her mind always in the clouds until dragged back down to reality. Therefore she often carries a blank, somewhat-sad, and/or airy expression. She is left-handed, and handles her wand with her left hand; though most of her strength is in her right.

When walking, her movements are slow and graceful. She takes pride in her appearance and loves wearing diamond/white gold jewelry to compliment her light features. When she wears her hair down, it tends to glitter in the wind and flow like her cape. Her smile is gentle and pure, when she smiles, she means it.

Over the course of the Summer, she softened up; no longer trying to be a snob and act above everyone else; because she fell in love. She wished to please that person, and to be their friend. This failed, so, broken hearted she returned to her gaze upon the stars before leaving for England. Her heart is still broken, and one can see that in her eyes and step. These days, a gentle and calming emotion almost seems to seep from her very skin and she loves it.


- School

The eldest daughter of her small family, she has always looked after her sister and wished for her to go to Beauxbatons as she did. During her school years, she was just any other student; though she was considered one of the prettiest. She excelled in that which had to do with the sky and ideas (Arithmancy, Divinity and Astrology), while she was decent at Potions and all other classes. She did quite well in her own Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and she had hoped to teach it at Hogwarts, but when she saw the opening for Astrology, she took that chance to teach her true love.

- After School

After the Triwizard Tournament, she returned home grieved by the death of Cedric Diggory, and saddened by the fact that she did not do her school justice. Having soon gotten over the later, she began to study the stars once more, and on a slight thought, returned to England where upon the second week of Summer Vacation, she asked to be a professor at Hogwarts.

Character Analysis

If one were to meet Fleur, they would call her 'narcissistic' and 'slightly arrogant.' This is, of course, very true until one gets to know her. Once she also knows the person, she begins to love them as a family member, though she keeps that to herself; she would do anything to protect everyone she knows. It is all a matter of trust.

On the topic of love; she wishes desperately to find that one right person who she could love, be loved in return, and live happily-ever-after with. Alas, whenever she thinks about love, very skeptic she does become. Fleur believes that love and happiness come to the select few who are lucky enough to find them. She has fallen in love once before, and still daydreams about that person she left in France, but she knew it was never to be; as long as they were happy.

Slightly naive and introverted, Fleur has a tendency to want to know about every single event which occurs around her. She believes many things (though she will not admit it, only think and theorise), but she does not join into any discussions without being addressed beforehand. She will gladly speak with one person at a time, but prefers to keep to herself when in a group, even around the students.

Behind the veela and wizard blood lies a girl who simply wishes to live a good life and to never see harm come to those she loves. Fleur almost thinks that in these dark times, that it will be up to her to save everyone, even if someone could do the job better. She knows they might get hurt, so she must take this responsibility upon herself. She fears neither death, nor suffering.. she only wishes for her loved ones' happiness and safety; even every single student, whether they despise her or not.

This is just for an RPG. If you wish to contact me (for either the game, or just because you wish to) then my AIM screen name is silvertanktop. Thank you. ^_^