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16 Stitches and A Soft Parody...

31 May
I am but a girl...
No more human than dead.
80's, andrew, android lust, anime, animous, art, asians, astrology, bathtubs, bats, bella lugosi, ben nye, bettie page, big shoes, bile, bjork, blood, bloodsex, bloodsports, body modifications, bondage, boots, buddhism, charliedrown, chopsticks, clan of xymox, clothes, clubing, coffee, colored hair, concerts, corsets, crackwhores, cybergoth, cyberpunk, cyborgs, dancing, death, deluxe_dolls, diablo, dirty alleys, dirtybabys, drawing, dreads, drinking, dulce liquido, edward gorey, edward scissorhands, elfs, europe, extentions, faeries, fake eyebrows, fashion, fashion design, fire, friends, fucking, furry sweaters, gangstas, gaypride, geeks, geisha, goth, gothhair, graveyards, guns, hair dye, hair extentions, hello kitty, hentai, hocico, horror movies, hot chicks, hot guys, hot sex, ice cream, isabell, joj, kabuki, kitties, kmfdm, knives, kompressor, lam, lipservice, little people, lycia, mac, magick, make-up, manga, metro clothing co, modeling, movies, music, musicwerks, mythology, new people, nin, ninjas, noh theater, otep, painting, pervs, peter murphy, photography, piercings, poetry, pretty goths, pretty people, psychology, pumpkin-carving, purple, pvc, quake, ragdolls, reading, rocky horror picture show, s&m, scarifications, seagoth, seattle, seattle gothic, sewing, sex, shoes, shrine, siouxie, sissors, sistersofmercy, skinny puppy, snakes, special effects, spicy chicken teryaki, spiders, strippers, sushi, tattoos, the aurafice, tim burton, tootoos, vampires, velvet, velvet acid christ, video games, vincent price, witches, writing, wumpscut