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The Armoury is in a complete mess without the Bossman. We want him back.

We're all totally PISSED OFF!!

Shran is a dead.. man.. uh... Andorian.

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Have been released from Sickbay.

*Just* heard about ensigntanner and man, do I feel sorry for him. No real clue why the bossman was so pissed, but he was and anyone who has been on the receiving end of that, well... not pretty.

Surprised it was Stephen. He and the boss always seemed to get along so great. _foster_ will have a field day if he finds out why.

Dud, can I stun him? Like... over and over. I don't want to kill him but if he kept getting knocked out every day, that would be cool.

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Everyone else has a journal, figured I should start one. Well, not *every*one else but a lot of folks so... not much going on for me right now.

Lieutenant Reed recommended me for the Away mission though. Should be cool.

Dude, I love working here sometimes.