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Mom's Plate

Before being aired as full episodes, The Adventures of Pete and Pete started out as a series of 1-minute shorts.

Big Pete: This is our mom and this is her skull. When she was 12 she had an accident, and doctors had to put a metal plate in her head. She's okay and everything, but if you're ever at our house for dinner and you hear what sounds like Mexican radio, it is Mexican radio - coming from the plate in my mother's head.

Big Pete: Other than Mexican radio, mom's head sometimes picks up the police bands -
Mom: There's a fire on elm street, maybe we can help!
Big Pete: - and we get to go on rescues.

Big Pete: Another great thing is when mom's sleeping and we want to leave her
a note, we just stick it to her head with a refrigerator magnet. Also, if we don't know where she is, it's pretty easy to find her. What I like best though is when the reception is good, mom's plate pulls in Cubs games from Chicago!

Dad: A little to the left... perfect!

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