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Not too long..

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yeah.. so the year averaged a 7 I could say.

ps I put up 80 huge bottles of tide laundry detergent on an end-cap at K-mart and it took me 2 hours to do and it was beautiful and 10 min after I finished it all came crashing down. bent metal and everything. yeah. i felt like a fuck-up. I guess everyone except for me and the manager that told me to put them there knew that you are only supposed to put toilet paper on that end. whatev.

I made a pretty one today on a different one(where we usually put the detergent) .. but it wasn't as pretty as yesterday. :(

I don't get a pay-check until January 6th!!!!! aaaaaargh!!!! It was be flippin' sweet though :) Since my pay is getting bumped up like $2.

Last night we had our bridal shower get-together and I'm super excited. We delegated everything and did I ever mention that I loved being organized?

Well not two days ago I had nothing to do on new year's but now I have two parties to go to! :) Of course Jon is coming over ... but first we are going to go to Rachel's new apartment(which I helped paint btw... ) , and then over to Chellsa's bash at her house which is just two streets away from me!!! how sweet is that? plus yay for getting my hair cut! I needed it. After those parties we can't leave my mom at home alone so we will of course come back. She keeps saying "it's fine it's fine go to your parties" but what she's REALLY saying is "i'm going to be alone so please come back and hang with me at some point during the night".. yeahhhhhhhhh. Plus she bought awesome food that I requested so I have to come back. shrimp cocktail. cheese fondue. chocolate fondue. nacho dip.

I bought it today!!! The Last Kiss DVD. oh mi gosh. here's my story I sent to Sara so I don't have to re-type the whole thing.

ONFIRERIZZISH: I bought IT today and I almost cried looking at the DVD case. I couldn't help myself. I had to buy it. I was covering the cashier in the electronics department and it was just THERE.... staring at me!! It was on sale for heaven's sakes!!!!
ONFIRERIZZISH: it's only on sale for like one more day... I PANICED.
ONFIRERIZZISH: ... at the disco......

my mom came into the store while I was working and I was like OH MY GOSH MOM GO BUY ME THAT DVD. she's like "you only have to work for like 10 more min... you'll live... the dvd will still be there" I refused to believe it.
ONFIRERIZZISH: I thought there was a conspiracy against me trying to buy the dvd.
ONFIRERIZZISH: so I walked around nervously. until my shift ended where I sprinted and reached in front of this lady and grabbed it.
ONFIRERIZZISH: end of story.

ps i feel like me and jon don't communicate too well anymore.

pps i'm tired .. want to sleep. have to wait two more hours and 20 mins for jon to call. blah. I suck at life.
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Why do I have to pry and be like this? Why can't I just not care? I heart RENT.

And me and Swiff saw Narnia on Friday night and it was trully amazing <3 Since it was just a Disney movie there was no blood or anything... so it was weird during the battle scenes. But the Witch was really scary and they did her so perfectly.

On Saturday I worked ALL DAY. From 9:30 in the morning until about 12 at night. Blah. I got a lot of tips though. The only bad part about getting so much money is that you want to spend it right away. Because it's right there. Me and Sara figured that if I averaged it out, I was making about $12/per hour on Saturday. DAAAAmn. It's worth it though. Plus I got my paycheck! From training.. it's like $76. I figured that I like a lot of people at work. They are nice.. some are not. But you'll have that. Everyone that I worked with was pretty helpful. I only had 2 bad tables that were not happy. And believe me.. I had A LOT of tables. Pretty much all of the day my tables were filled.

Oh and we tried to get an apartment on Friday. We probably won't get it so it doesn't matter. whatev. :( I guess we are about 4 months late on this whole apartment process. Instead of realtor season starting in January, it started in September. wtf?

I got back around 1AM last night and had the crew exchange. It was very fun :) I was just so tired though. Didn't get to sleep until like 4 AM! :O C'est la vie. We woke up at like 1PM. sweet! Me, Swiff, and Jon went out to eat at Dingbats. The food wasn't that good.. but the dessert I had was WOW. Peanut butter cheesecake thing. yum.

Then we came back and I slept from like 5 until 9!!! hahaha. silly me. I have a French final to study for. ACTUALLY I could take this final on Wednesday. But I have another final on Wednesday too, and a tough one that I have to get an A on. =\ DILEMA! I'm procrastinating. I KNOW THIS!!!

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that took FOREVER. It was like 9:30 when I started this.. it's like 1AM now.. but um. I went to Rocky's and such and studied and now still studying. blah. okay. bye.
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Stoleeee from the meghster :)

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School- T minus 3 days and counting. I don't want to go back at all. AT ALL. I hate school. But I do miss them crazy peeps up there. But this break has been so nice. especially with my friends.. they are my everything <3

this week is going too fast.. SLOW DOWN FUCKING WEEK! >.<

QAF marathon at Kel's was soooo much fun! I had a GREAT time guys <3 thanks so much for inviting me! since I'M OLLDDDDDD .. haha that won't die for a while ;) Yup.. he's a Mormon.. oh yeah.. Utah? Are you a Mormon? ARE YOU A TOP OR A BOTTOM?! "cool.... SHIT" haha soo much fun <3 thanks again!!!!!! I did survive the trip home!! ;)

Barnes and Noble with Sarie tomorrow :) No Grove City with Billie.. but we WILL go.. Even if Billie dies.. but i'll speak at her funeral :) hahahahahahha wow funny funny times.

and then All-Night bowling with Jen, Mike, Megh, Rasha, and maybe the roommate or other people? not toooo sure.

<3 <3 <3 ciao for now!
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