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Ewan * what?!


Freshman Year [2004-2005]

*Lucious Tourvald
*Lemony Febreezio
*Lynkel ob Jericho
*Kissyfur Noozle
*Francis Commodore
*Mitchell Boston
*Larisara Lifke
*Colby-Jack Alfredo
*Tina Lafawnduh
*Mooer Hopper
*Aslei Thai
*Lyndo Playdough
*Darcy Kellout
*Sesawho Birdie

Sophomore Year [2005]

*Erikalex Dippin Dots Rarely(born in summer!)
*Roy G. Biv
*Jonny Donnie
*Diegora Ventura
*Helena of Troy

Juinor Year [2006-2007]

*Laricka Jonra
*Missy Allaneous (twins)
*Mauve E. Lis (twins)

Summer 2007
*Pierre Smirnon
*Sever U

(just between you and me...these children keep getting WEIRDER and WEIRDER)

good times.

we were busy freshman year.. no? ;)

I'm pretty sure there are like 5 more we forgot about.
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