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yeah Dane. my brain is fantastical and about to explode.

NOT STUDYING! :) Okay I'm just updating because I want to. Not because I have anything interesting to say.

Internship starts next week! SO EXCITED. I already know that I am going to be passing out information at station square next weekend and going to Altoona for a Great Strides event which is like Relay For Life. But it's way far away. I don't care. So excited. There's like 3 or 4 other interns. I guess there is one intern for every program director. So we are like their #2's. We are in charge of all the volunteer groups and getting auction items and probably a shit load of stuff that I wouldn't get to do if I worked in a big corporate office. Needless to say I'm excited. ((AND NERVOUS))

Leaving on Thursday night. Gonna miss it naturally. The whole "having a roommate thing" is fun I think. I'm gonna miss that. I need summer though. Me and the rents are seeing Emo Spidey on Friday night on I-Max. How hott is that? I convinced them to take me and pay for me.

On Saturday I MIGHT come back up to SRU if it's nice and I can go to graduation. If it means I can see Jon then RIGHT ON ;) I'm with ya Kell on that whole summer thing. This will be our 3rd summer apart but it never gets any easier.

The men outside are being loud. My feet are itchy. I need to study. Leave comments so I can procrastinate more and read them and respond to them. :)
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I lied! I'm going to leave you a comment and distract you/me.


I will miss you too roomie/wife. In fact, I miss you now!!! But we will still have good times, fo sho!
that was tricky. But that makes sense since you ARE the trickmiester of all trickmiesters. ;]

you're amazing fo' sho.

let's go get bunnies and hamsters. :)
CONGRATS on grad school darling. I just saw the profile. I hearts you muchos. <3 When are you celebrating things? I want see you before the 9th. pulease! ;) lovin's.