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At this time last year... I was in Paris. :'(

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Wooooh, 19th. Is that Sherie Icantrememberherlastname in your icon?
GOOD question. (about the icon.) I have no clue haha. It's from the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. So your guess is as good as mine.
You are absolutely right! I just looked it up and she actually won a Tony Award for her role in that musical. :)
Re: yeah, we do stuff there...
You are a beast pretty much.

and I pretty much miss you like mad crazy teeeeshirt.
Holy shit!!! Three years later, and I'm still a top commenter! (#3!!!) HELL YES!

< 3

you're so lucky you got to go to Paris, it must have been incredible. i remember you writing. i just had a wow-face the whole time at the thought someone i care about getting to experience it. :O)
yeah that's definitely a crazy situation. I miss your comments Mal!!!! :(

I still can't believe I was actually there. it was like one big dream. I was just standing in front of the eiffel tower and thinking.. "okay.. what do I do now?" that was like the one goal I had in my life. Now it's all completely different. so weird. Thanks for caring Mal. :) I misses you.