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yay omg the concert!! Well it all started with Me, Jon, Rick, Sara, and Jen. Jen was debating on coming because she wasn't feeling so hot. But she ended up coming anyway.

So we began our journey to State College, PA around 2PM. We stopped at an Arby's along the way. It was yummy. It was awesome driving into State College because their stadium is HUGE. anyway.

we get there (2 and a half hours later.) and almost hit these kids.. and then get out of the car then the kids(that we almost hit) were like .. "sorry guys but the concert is cancelled." and we're like BULLSHIT. We thought they were just pissed because we almost hit them.

and the concert was cancelled.

We were pissed. That's the understatement of the century. Sara, Rick, and Jen were overly pissed. Jen was pissed because she wasn't even going to come. Sara and Rick were SEVERELY pissed off because in October they went to see MCR in Allentown(5 hours away) and THAT show was cancelled too. What kind of luck is this crap? I've never had a concert cancelled on me.. EVER. it was just weird.

We got back around 7:30. I got a bunch of work done.. so the night was not lost I guess? It made me the most sad to see how upset Sara, Rick, and Jen were. I more upset for them than I was for the concert. Sure I'll see MCR another time .. but that's not the point. They have just had not so good luck. Yesterday was also me and Sara's 2 year marriage anniversary :) Too bad it wasn't a very good evening.

Anyways. This weekend was also Relay For Life. Fur real my legs hurt from walking on Saturday. Me and Jon woke up at 7:30 on Sunday morning and went to the service and it was nice. :) also, people are weird.

And this week is the last week of classes. Crazy madness. Juinor year = gone. Nice update right?
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oooooooooooooooooh. state college!
i thought it was in pittsburgh for a sec. oh.

so some celebs stood y'all up. suuuucks. sorry bout that, kid. i can't believe, on the other hand, you took pictures of the signs on the doors. HA. loserrrrrr.

mwa. love you! can't wait to see youuuuuuuuu