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[13 Feb 2005|09:41pm]
Is there anything that's just so awesome on this journal that I'd die if I didn't keep?

Yeah. Pretty much. This has a lot of stuff I'd like to keep, just because. Kind of like that old shirt that doesn't fit you anymore, but you keep it anyways because it was loved. Yeah, that works.

2 // let us cling together as the years go by

[15 Jan 2005|09:31pm]

dahlings, we've been through this! i'm not dead, it's ms_mercury  now! =D

i'm probably annoying like everyone here with these stupid updates.. =S sorry, i'll stop now..

3 // let us cling together as the years go by

[01 Jan 2005|08:44pm]
add me if you haven't already, por favor: ms_mercury.

then un-add me here if you want as i'll only post to tell you guys to add me on my other journal. =P
let us cling together as the years go by

PSSST!! Everybody, over here! [29 Dec 2004|09:26pm]
Everyone, i'm starting over. so much shit has happened this year and i just wanna let it all go. my new username is ms_mercury and i'll add everyone off my existing friends list onto there. if you don't want me to just tell me and i won't. i won't delete this journal, i just won't use it anymore. it has some stuff on it that i actually want to keep and i don't feel like converting it all to my new one. but you can take it off your friends list because it'll be inactive. so yeah, add ms_mercury. =)
8 // let us cling together as the years go by

[19 Jul 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Taken from cardboardstar

Post anonymously, say anything. How much you hate me, how much you love me, how much you can't stand me, how much more you want to spend time/talk with me. How ugly I am. Whatever. Be brutally honest. Post this in your livejournal to find out what people think about you.

if ya wanna tell me something do it now! cuz this'll be locked tomorrow! =p
26 // let us cling together as the years go by

[14 Apr 2004|12:08pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hello. i have decided to make this journal

my other journal,

</b></a>london_cutie05 , is still there and i will still post there regularly. however, this one'll be for the real inside scoop and i guess you could call it 'Mala Syal's Diary', lol. and since i am on the run from the authorities, it'll be harder for them to find me here, lol.  But, if you would like to be added, drop a comment and i'll add ya!

Please read this before friending meCollapse )
28 // let us cling together as the years go by

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