Yuragh... Summaries

You can tell bad fanfic is getting to you when you read the summary for a fic that says "Dumbledore offers her a place for R&R." and immediately wonder why Dumbledore would offer a Read and Review...


It's great!

But what makes it so entertaining, is the commentary. It's like Mystery Science Theatre with the guy that does the voiceover for EV, he's just so deadpan it's fantastic.
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WIP meme (gakked from beren_writes)

Take any currently unfinished fics you have and write the first line/paragraph from each.

Collapse )

Hrm, so much for interesting first lines =P Oh well. Those are the stalled fics, mostly due to time and inspiration about actual plot direction. As always, I have issues with actually developing detailed plots and so once I get past the 'gimmick' of the idea as such, things slow down =P
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Graphics cards and the price of eggs


Well, the graphics card on my computer burnt itself out, so I'm getting a new one tomorrow =(

Meanwhile I'm sitting downstairs in front of my fathers computer, warily eyeing the printer.

What is it about printers that make them want to spontaneously spit out paper? There seems no rhyme nor reason for the timing...

In other news, a dozen 700g eggs for $2.20. Why have I been shopping elsewhere? I was pulling together stuff for some fried rice, and it came to about... $8 =P Granted, the extra meat is about $10, but still, for something that's going to make at least a weeks worth of food, it's really quite good. I have about 4 cups of rice in the freezer, some bok choy, fishballs, egg, bbq pork and chinese sausage, it'll be good =)
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It's not fair

Law and Order Criminal Intent and CSI are on at the same time.

I have to make a choice between George Eads and Vincent D'Onofrio.


It's a decision between slashability and thinking =P CSI tends to spoon-feed the story, you never get enough information until the end to make a guess at the BadGuy. L&O:CI keeps you guessing throughout the episode. So I watch CSI for George and William (Gil) and L&O for the story, and how Vincent acts like a semi-Columbo =)

Oddly enough, I can catch enough of each since they play during each other's ad breaks. And isn't that a sad state of affairs that adbreaks are that long =P I fondly recall the days of 30sec adbreaks. You'd get one, maybe two, but then back to the show...
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Boxes made from ticky tacky

Keanutine, the Game

I was playing this just recently. It has all the voice actors from the movie....

They say that Mr Reeves is a fine fine Shakespearean actor. And I could see how that could be.

Unfortunately, in the game, he speaks all his lines as if he were quoting Shakespeare. It just doesn't work.

"Surprise. Expect. The Unexpected."
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Just listening to the 'Best of' CD, and I'm struck just how good the music is, despite the complete incoherancy of the lyrics =)

  • What is the frequency, Kenneth?

  • Just how did Elvis goof off?

  • How does aluminum 'taste like fear'?

  • Did you set it up, when you said too much?

  • How heavy was that elephant that you pushed up the stair?

And the best incoherant chorus line "Call me when you try to wake her"...

REM rocks =)
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Not Happy Jan

Hello, LJ?

What's with it with you occasionally forgetting my theme? I like my funky and cute usericons thankyouverymuch and would appreciate it if you didn't keep resetting it to blank =(
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