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Batman Begins

Well. Christian Bale =) Always been nice, but now is a slightly saner tasty (albeit, one that runs around dressed up in a bat costume...) We get a few nice shots, certainly not as many as I'd like, as the first is very very brief (ie blink and miss it, it was in the gratuitous 'training montage') but the second was a bit longer and scenic, although marred somewhat by 'bruises'.

Pretending that Rutger Hauer was Jerry Springer as the Head of the Board of Wayne Enterprises was fun =) The man looks surprisingly like him =P

Overall the cast list was quite admirable.

Morgan Freeman as Batman's 'Q', was good, if a bit underused.

Michael Caine makes a fantastic Alfred

Liam Neeson as 'Ducard' managed to make use of his jedi training =P

Cillian Murphy as Dr Crane was ... creepy. Slick and creepy. I think it was the lips.

Very action packed, quite dark, but the sets were fantastic and the costumes quite well done.

Not being a great Batman fan, I've no idea how well it meshes with canon (apart from the fact that Joker doesn't kill his parents) in general, but it wasn't overly comicy and done quite well, apart from the apparent recklessness and complete lack of planning exhibited by Mr Wayne.

And seeing the end where he meets up with his childhood girlfriend, I can't but think about all those years he spent alone. In prison. Surrounded by men. And with such an unmarked pretty face =P Can we say, OZ?

He doesn't seem too put off by the refusal at the end. He must have other things to keep him busy =)


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