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*whimper* more LFS

Oh dear...

Looking for a story: Set after Sunnydale is gone, the girls are all at
the Charmed ones house resting, they already got rid of Xander.  When
they see this great band on TV, turns out the lead singer and guitar
player is Xander.  Willow and Buffy get jealous because Xander is
suppose to have the normal life not get famous and rich.

If I remember correctly there was a prologue section that had something
to do with the god Odin.

I'm sad to say I do know this fic... the band that Xander plays in is Evenescence. And he apparantly wrote all the music. Which he's singing and playing. Yes. Not only is it a bad bad songfic, it's a 'AllMyOldFriendsAreHorribleNastyPeople' bashing fic. And the Charmed crossover is just for the hell of it.

So much chaff, so little grain =P

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