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Is anyone else losing their default icon?

I seem to no longer have my Deadpool thinkyboxes icon, and that makes me grumpy, cause I don't have the original stored anywhere =\

Or maybe it's just temporary.

Zippy Bat Toy

Writing Prompt

From Thirteen Writing Prompts at McSweeney's

1.Write a scene showing a man and a woman arguing over the man's friendship with a former girlfriend. Do not mention the girlfriend, the man, the woman, or the argument.
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It's been a while since I wrote anything =P Do I portray it enough, and yet not enough? Run on sentencing for the win =P
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Double Dactyls

Shambley Rambley
Finn now the chinaman
staying up late til the
morning he sees

Noticing poets not
doubling their dactyls and
making their pleas

Wombley Frombley
Technically somberly
writing these dactyls are
habit forming

Staying within all the
trying to fit the rules

ProperNoun Subjectline
These are the rules that are
truly sublime

Second verse covers the
Finish it up with a
nice simple rhyme

Hegonomous Grinklemus
See how the author writes
notice how much all this
goes on each verse

Flowing like rivers do
these double dactyls are
more than a curse

Fionnghall tries his worst
hard to mess up all the
rhythm unsaid

Sleepy now I must go,
hours ago I should
have been in bed

*whimper* more LFS

Oh dear...

Looking for a story: Set after Sunnydale is gone, the girls are all at
the Charmed ones house resting, they already got rid of Xander.  When
they see this great band on TV, turns out the lead singer and guitar
player is Xander.  Willow and Buffy get jealous because Xander is
suppose to have the normal life not get famous and rich.

If I remember correctly there was a prologue section that had something
to do with the god Odin.

I'm sad to say I do know this fic... the band that Xander plays in is Evenescence. And he apparantly wrote all the music. Which he's singing and playing. Yes. Not only is it a bad bad songfic, it's a 'AllMyOldFriendsAreHorribleNastyPeople' bashing fic. And the Charmed crossover is just for the hell of it.

So much chaff, so little grain =P
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