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For all your goth needs. An orgy of the macabre. Right next to the pizza hut. [entries|friends|calendar]

in your eyes, in your neck, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul

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[ :Monday 18th July 2005~4::46:]
I made a new lj


I might use this layout or add a sidebar to it if I find out how. Or just make a totally new one..

I started adding people but don't have time to add you all, so add me and comment on that journal so I will know to add you back!
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[ :Monday 11th July 2005~16::09:]

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[ :Thursday 9th June 2005~23::15:]
[ mood | artistic ]

Okay I seem to have misplaced my Friends Only entry.......
So just to remind people that this is mostly friends only:

If I don't already know you, please:

Tell me why you added me.
Tell me about yourself if your livejournal info isn't informative.
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[ :Wednesday 8th June 2005~20::59:]
Velvet Acid Christ ~ Collapsed Video

I also made an icon from the bit at the start.
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Survey [ :Tuesday 3rd May 2005~21::36:]
I haven't done one of these in a while but I liked the questions on this one. It was stolen from ericflux's myspace.

A SurveyCollapse )
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[ :Sunday 17th April 2005~22::02:]
[ mood | not too bad ]

(2005-2047) R.I.P

At the age of 1, he was voted "Future King of The Chav's" in a local beauty contest.

FrAnTiC conducted their first armed burglary at the age of 6. _fiend</strong> was most proud!

By the age of 15 "head lice" had become as common a phrase as "get the fuck out of here you scally tart!"

In a desperate attempt to escape the dole queue FrAnTiC secured _fiend</strong>'s house on a horse racing bet. The horse fell at the first hurdle. In 2026, FrAnTiC was brutally assaulted in a nightclub after attempting to steal a lighter from a bouncer's pocket.

FrAnTiC was arrested for cruelty to animals after attempting to glue a robin red breast to a bird feeder by its wing. Knowing how to celebrate the New Year in style, FrAnTiC held a fireworks display in their front garden. Being a completely awful shot he misfired a rocket which crashed through their living window, causing a huge inferno which took out their home.

The ghost of _____stuntpilot</strong> came back and visited FrAnTiC whilst he was at the fairground, lodging their head in the candy floss machine! FrAnTiC never came back out!

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to parent a Chav?

Now you can with Adopt a Chav! Simply enter your Chav's name, its gender and your LJ username below to begin!



Drunken Hero

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[ :Monday 11th April 2005~3::45:]
[ mood | okay ]

Lmfao, if you like Black Books you'll know who Bill Bailey is, if you like him you must visit his site http://www.bill-bailey.co.uk/home.php
It's really good and you should also try to find some of his stand up stuff. Fucking genius.

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[ :Thursday 17th March 2005~5::16:]
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This really really sucks [ :Monday 21st February 2005~17::17:]
[ mood | sad ]

All the good ones always have to die :(

Hunter S. Thompson commits suicide :(Collapse )

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[ :Monday 21st February 2005~5::05:]
I got a new email and MSN address ~ hinotoxin@impureminds.ca thanks to the lovely Leslie
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[ :Tuesday 8th February 2005~3::42:]
[ mood | tired ]

I made a profile on Vampire Freaks.
Add me and comment if you've got a profile!!


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[ :Sunday 30th January 2005~23::23:]

I'm listening to KMFDM's version of the Mortal Combat soundtrack... it is lovely and spiffy
I've been smoking a spliffy ^-^
And a bong.

I've decided to be a vegetarian again. Veganism... I don't want quite yet. I only eat free range eggs, and I think soy milk is really nice! So maybe I'll try to drink more of it. Chocolate soy milk is gooood..

I have Celtic psytrance lol. Some goa and other psytrance stuff. GMS, Etnica.. And I duno if Juno Reactor is psytrance or not but who gives a shit because it's really really good !?
Also some Russian techno ~ PPK

I never thought I'd like this stuff... it's crazy. But it has this completey melodic, evil and dark thing about it that I can't get enough of.
Or something.

As you can see this entry is public. That's because I said so.

Nothing else to say...

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[ :Wednesday 26th January 2005~2::57:]
[ mood | strange ]

The internet is really annoying me. All I do is go on fecking forums and end up having stupid arguments with complete idiots.

Example. Someone makes a topic about nude ravers and how great they are or some bullshit.

Aimée says:: LMAO
ok ok

I just imagined a naked person actually full scale raving.

And realised how fucking hilarious it would look! Hmmm I don't know how that's good wank material... maybe because they wiggle up and down??  

Stupid idiot number 1 quotes me and says::



1. To speak wildly, irrationally, or incoherently.

Get a dictionary.  

Hmmm... How confusing, their attempted insult doesn't quite register as one to me... somehow.
I think it's because they are Canadian.

Heh I don't actually think bad things about Canadians.... XD

I want more dope! I only have a tiny bit and if I go upstairs I'll only smoke it. Damn this cruel world

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[ :Friday 14th January 2005~19::26:]
[ mood | angry ]

This world drives me crazy. I cannot believe how so many people are so ignorant and stupid. I was watching this thing the other night about global warming and tornadoes and shit, it's so fucked up!
The harbour in Carrick overflowed. Which is really scary because that is too close to home for my liking. If we get flooded I'm fucked because I live in a valley.
It saddens me. Not because I think we deserve to live on or that we deserve the land, because we've abused it and fucked it up too much, but because I am really disappointed in the human race and can't believe how most of us have succumbed to greed and destruction. I just wish that people would wise up to themselves and realise a few things.

I wish I knew how to help make a difference. I suppose the only thing I can do right now is keep my opinions voiced and hope that I can make some sort of influence on people by doing so.

Anyway, I was supposed to be going to Auntie Annie's for Mike's birthday, but now Doyle isn't going and I also have to save my money to buy my mum something for her birthday which is on Sunday. I think she's all unhappy right now because her and her boyfriend haven't been getting on very well. I hope she has a nice birthday. I'll either get her a DVD or jewellery.

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Hahahaaha conversation with Doyle [ :Sunday 19th December 2004~2::44:]
The West is the Best says: (2:44:13)
   my journals a happy place for all the children

if i could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born, "come in" she said, "i'll give you shelter from the storm" says: (2:44:22)
   so's my nob

The West is the Best says: (2:44:31)
   sos my mas pent house

if i could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born, "come in" she said, "i'll give you shelter from the storm" says: (2:44:40)
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[ :Wednesday 15th December 2004~4::16:]
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[ :Friday 10th December 2004~15::31:]
Please vote for Farenheit 9/11 here (Michael Moore told me to XD ) http://www.pcavote.com/voting/film/f01.shtml
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[ :Wednesday 8th December 2004~6::03:]
I hate this world so fucking much. I hate some people in this world SO FUCKING MUCH.
I hope I die in my sleep.

Haha just jokin, but yeah I really do hate this world. I hope all you fuckers out there get what's coming to you.
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[ :Sunday 5th December 2004~3::48:]
[ mood | horny for music ]

okay I wasn't listening to Toxic Coma very loudly doing the last entry, and now I have my headphones on... with Cinnabuns playing loudly.. yes this is absolutely brilliant.

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HAHAHAHAHA [ :Thursday 2nd December 2004~19::51:]
[ mood | excited ]


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