if you see this you've been deleted for one of the following reasons:

  • you never update your journal

  • you deleted me

  • you're an annoying twat, that complains about everything in your life
    I can't keep up with how your coffee was too hot in the morning so you had a talk with the manager, then you went shoe shopping and all the cute shoes didn't fit your corn-ridden fucking feet so you threw a shit-fit in the store and got thrown out. Then, decided to have a "light lunch" at some fancy bistro and ordered a goddamn salad, then nearly choked on one of the tomatoes because you couldn't order a normal meal when you're hungry. But, instead you order a salad because you want lose "a few extra pounds" when you're already a skinny fucking twig. You then blame the restaurant that the tomatoes are not the right size for salads, since they are sick of hearing your bitching and are losing customers you get the "light lunch" for free. You proceed home with your hideous road rage, thinking that everyone else drives like an asshole and complain about your day in your online journal.

    I have no patience for that shit.

  • I never read your journal.


  • I just don't like you

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