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Its nice

So its summer and the pool and new hot tub are ready. These little white petals keeps falling all over the backyard and into the pool filling the skimmers constantly. My dad and brother seem so annoyed with them but i was looking outside today and it looked so pretty like it was snowing in the middle of summer.

My mom randomly bought an ipod video yesterday with a set of speakers. I'd never expect her to buy something like that so i was really surprised. But I'm really happy because now i am in charge of putting music on it and i put some sweet pictures on it too.

I move into my new house soon, soooo excited. I will take pictures of the house once we are all moved in. It'll be so fun living with friends, i'm super excited.

Here is a photo I took in my backyard the other day:
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In other news, Dave has been over all week, we've been playing final fantasy XII nonstop and reading Siddhartha. last night we read our books together laying in each other's arms. it was one of the nicest feelings i've experienced. Today we're going to his uncles for a BBQ. Should be fun and delicious.

I've enjoyed writing this, expect to see more. goodbye for now.

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