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_fcuk's Journal



I stand a mere 5 foot 1 inch tall, and just under 100 pounds.. I might not look tough, but I pretty much am. ;) I'm twenty-one, and no it's no different than twenty.. although, I can now gamble away my check, or legally drink a fourty WHICH you will never find me doing.. I consider myself to live a straight edge life, no drinking, no drugs, no casual sex.. and I am very proud to say I live by this. I won't judge your lifestyle, so don't judge mine. I am romantically attached. ok, ok, I'm in love.. and if you've been reading my journal forever, you'll know that it mostly consists of the name "Kiel".. pronounced 'Kyle'. Him and I started dating April '04, and he is my glue.. he keeps me together, and he's my best friend.. I don't know where I would be in life without him. He's the peanut butter to my jelly! ;)
I am probably the most indecisive mind changing person you could ever meet.. I like to have new hobbies, and soon kick them to the curb.. mostly things to occupy myself. I once tried Skateboarding, but my skateboard now sits in my closet collecting dust with my electric guitar... I keep convincing myself I will take both of these things out soon... very soon.
I love all kinds of music, from hardcore to country.. and I'm the most easy going person you could ever meet. I like to live in the moment, and be happy for what I have. I dont like to stress out, or be upset. I love rain, and the ocean.. I also love a little sport called BMX, there will always be a special place in my heart for that.. and if I was strong enough to lift a bike, I'd definitely ride... Ok, that's all for now ♥


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