April 3rd, 2006



geez I haven't posted in so long. Our trip was so good, I couldn't even really sum it up in a journal entry. When we first got there.. parking was SUCH a bitch.. it was a small space, and the parking spot itself was so small.. and we drove in Kiels truck.. so Kiel was stressing about getting into the spot. We got there at around.. 4ish? The hotel was so so cute! I loved it. (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3) Outside of our room was a cute little patio, and as soon as you walk out.. you turn to the left and look over the balcony and there's the ocean. (the view here) there was a long stairwell that took us right out onto the ocean.. and it was pretty much a private beach mostly for the hotel (which was fairly small) and the few houses in which their backyards faced the ocean. Down the shore was a huge rock that you could walk through (here & here) and as you walked through you could look into the crevases(sp?) and there were crabs inside of them.. at the other side were a bunch of tidepools.. & in case you dont know what those are.. they are holes in the rocks where the tide rises and falls, and leaves pools of water in the holes where anenomies, crabs, hermits, & fish reside. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! seriously. (here & here). Unfortunately, we didnt find those until the almost the last day, which sucked. But oh well.

The second day, we went to the San Diego wild animal park.. it was alright.. not really all that great.. but it was okay... we took a train around, which was an hour long without stops.. and ten minutes into it the little kid next to us started SCREAMING his head off, and didn't stop until the end.. I was ready to stick my fingers down his throat to shut him up. my god! he ruined the entire ride..and i'm sure everyone else was pissed too.. and the mom gets off and says "sorry" while laughing.. wtf, bitch. >:O Pictures from the W.A.P (here, here, here& here. After that is when we went back to the hotel, and found the tidepools as we waited for my Heather to call<3 We met up with her and her fiance, (they picked us up) and we headed to Balboa island.. Ron took us on the fairy in the car across to the island.. which was neat.. and when we got across it was ghetto as fuck.. we walked all the way up the pier to this restaraunt Heather wanted to eat at, and it closed at 9.. and what time was it? 9.. yeah gay. So, we drove around.. and Ron used his nifty navigation system to find a place to eat.. we found a cocoas, and sat down to eat.. we chatted & laughed a bunch... Heather and I escorted each other to the restroom where we took myspace pics (here) & we giggled as we did so, and returned to the table to go picture crazy <3 (here) she's so cute! heh. Then we went outside to take some more pictures (here & here)..

The next day we drove to long beach to find the aquarium of the pacific.. and walked a lot until we found it.. it sucked. there were a bunch of people there.. so it was hard to see anything. We stopped at Chilis for lunch, and there were some dumb highschool kids eating across from us, one of them said "I bet I can get our food for free.. and get people fired" and started a ruckus, about how his fries were "perposterous" or something of that nature.. I tattled on him on the way out ;) it's what i'm good at. heh.

As we headed home, we stopped at this mall on the way out of CA.. it was AWESOME.. TONS of shops!!!! I picked up a bunch of cute clothes, including a hollister skirt that actually fits me really good!! :P excitement.

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& yeah.. that's it.. that I can think of! haha. Alright, i'm gonna do my exercises, and get in bed. G'night!