The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Regulus Black
13 August
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I’m Regulus Black, 5th year Slytherin. My name means “ Little King” upholding the Black family tradition named after the stars (expect for a few of the witches in the family named after flowers) I was named Regulus, the heart star of Leo. Born August 13, 1960, I am the youngest of the Blacks on both sides. I have an older brother who is a year ahead of me in Gryffindor, Sirius. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. Good or Bad, that’s Sirius. Our parents are Cepheus and Cassiopeia Black, who keep the family tradition keeping the bloodline pure. If you’re a muggle-born and haven’t heard about them, I would explain it as we are the Kennedy’s for the wizard world. Who ever Kennedy is. I have three cousins all female, from my father’s side. Orion is his younger brother. His daughters are Bellatrix, and she’s coo-coo, but family. Andromeda, who, like my brother, broke the Black Slytherin tradition when she was shorted into Ravenclaw, and her twin sister Narcassia who is in Slytherin with me. There is twisted family history and I am sure you have heard rumors to it. I don’t want too get into the complex of things. Even though I’m the youngest Black, I am now the future Black heir. Which is fine by me. I have a pet rat my Grandmother Black, mother of my father and uncle got me for my most recent birthday. I love my family to death, even though the papers love to have rumors and lies going on about us. Most of its rubbish, we Black are civil wizards who just hold a different ethical value scale.