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lizzie's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Feb 2008|11:22pm]
i want to take hikes in the woods and climb rocks
i want a longboard skateboard to cruise boardwalks with
i want guitar hero to consume my free time
i want someone to watch movies with me a couple times a week
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[23 Feb 2008|03:26pm]
i need more constructive ways to have fun
rather than destroying my liver and/or brain cells
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[14 Feb 2008|12:58pm]
[ mood | awful ]

rest in peace efrain
i loved you as a friend and im sorry that we didnt get to know each other better

live life to the fullest and be a good human being because life is too short to waste.

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lets be real here. [07 Feb 2008|07:26pm]
not going to lie
i really miss you
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