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I can't even express what just happened. I felt like I was… - ice age, [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 5th, 2008|01:09 am]
I can't even express what just happened. I felt like I was transported to the 60s. I just came back from a huge riot after hearing Obama declared president. I was with some friends friends and we joined a huge parade of people with banners and flags, banging on trashcans, dancing to African drum beats, playing instruments and metal pots and pans. We stopped traffic on 1st avenue, singing songs about freedom, dancing on top of the playgirl van, shouting at cops, high-fiving cab drivers as they squeaked by us, and hugging and kissing complete strangers. The police simply gave up trying to contain us. I have no voice left after screaming, singing, and chanting. My arms and legs ache and I'm sweaty and emotionally drained, but I feel so completely elated.

I know there were larger groups of people, and there still are, in Union Square, Greenpoint, Times Square, South Street, Harlem, lining up, screaming and cheering, waving their arms, crying and singing for this new era of historical change. Part of me wishes I was out there, but most of me is glad I was where I was with the people I was with on my little street corner by St. Marks in the East Village, singing and shouting with the most amazing people in the most amazing city in the world.

[User Picture]From: peace_necron99
2008-11-05 10:43 pm (UTC)
similar in philly, only it was so much smaller than the riot that happened last week when the phillies won the world series that it was a little anti-climactic
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[User Picture]From: _fasterfaster
2008-11-06 02:42 am (UTC)
you guys totally have your priorities straight lol
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