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The Link Estate

Where Bishounen Run Rampant

14 June 1987
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I am a rabid anime, roleplaying, videogame and j-rock fan. <3 I tend to ramble at times about my obsessions or my current life issues but I always apologize for it later. **laughs** I love organizing and being productive, making things and giving to people. I'm normally very friendly and willing to lend a helping hand to just about anyone, even people who don't treat me nicely. And at the moment that's about all I can think of to put in here. Feel free to friend me, I don't bite. :P

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Those banners were made by the wonderful Yisa over at the forum Aarinfantasy. ^_^

kkm_rating - Conrad
gravirating - Touma Seguchi
sukisho_rating - Matsuri Honjou
gw_rating - Quatre Raberba Winner
weiss_rating - Brad Crawford
gb_rating - Shido Fuyu
mliebe_rating - Sir Isaac