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I watched Harmony leave the room after a couple of hours of pleasing, hard sex. I didn't love this bird by any means, certainly, but she was sexy, and she was American and was part of this new faction of Wolfram and Hart London, fresh from the States and I wanted to make an impression. Ilona Costa Bianchi had contacted myself and Rory personally, and had already told us that we were expected, by the Senior Partners, to be helpful and that for our help, in whatever bloody measure that it was going to be, we would be sodding compensated.

I wasn't one to take orders and generally only conferred with Rory about what we and the rest of our legion would do, but I knew that the money would be right and that the work would likely be challenging and give some added excitement to my life, as fighting with Lycan's weekly was growing old, and though we were winning those battles, I wanted them decimated, which we could do, with the Senior Partners' help...which I would be in a position to look for, if Rory and I were on their good sides.

I had no illusions...the Senior Partners...the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, had power that we didn't and influences greater then ours, even in Europe, where Rory and I were powerful. None of this was necessary, of course. Rory, myself and our legion would keep defeating the Lycans. We would hold our own when it came to the other powerful legions of vampires in Europe, whether they be the Italian faction, the French faction, the German faction, or the Russian faction, and we would continue to make money with our plasma and other assets. But, there came a time when it was time to increase the income and the excitement, as well as danger, and as I dressed after bedding Harmony, satisfied, slightly worn and guzzling a large carafe of Plasma, I made my way downstairs, where Rory sat, obviously contemplating something.

I watched as he watched Harmony leave and I knew that he would say something about me chossing to bed the ditzy blonde.

"Come on Rory. Sure, she's not the brightest bulb on the trees and she may not be the greatest fighter in the world to destory every Lycan in the world, but she wants to be a part of our legion and she hates Wolfram and Hart. It'll be nice to have some influence within there if she doesn't chose to leave right away...sort of an inside person not named Regina, and besides, you have to admit, that physically, she's quite fetching."

He looked at me like I can have hot women who are human, which was something that he prescribed to, and it occurred to me that I should ask about his little metting with Regina had gone.

"Speaking of Regina, how did your meeting go with her? Did the two of you discuss our new partnership with the firm, or did you just look past the talking and get pelvic?"

I could tell that wasn't the case. He was brooding. He definitely didn't get laid. He was the one who needed to know that there were plenty of other birds out there.

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Night was falling across the lanscape and as I looked out of the window in my fourth floor bedroom upon the Thames, I wondered if this would be another night of battles with the Lycan's. Our fights had circumvented the city and generally took place off in the forests that surrounded the city. The Lycans were not, by nature, city dwellers, but simply because the vampires in my legion loved Piccadilly and Regent's square and were at home in the city with the people, in the crowds...it didn't imply that we wouldn't take the fight to them.

The fight, last night had been the biggest one in recent memory and I expected tonight to be the same. We had weakened their numbers so intensely that they had turned to using weapons on us...wooden-bulleted guns. Four of my legion had been killed last night, but with Rory and I in the battle, we demolished a team of about twenty Lycans. Their numbers were lessening, but they weren't attacking in mainland Europe as much anymore. Their war had become one with Rory and I and my legion, our legion.

I walked downstairs, having sent many of our strongest warriors to the forest just on the other side of our castle, easily accessible by a tunnel that I had built a half a century ago to make getting outside of the city without driving around it, a reality. The Lycans could now come to England from the mainland using the depths of the Chunnel, but my own, smaller version not designed for more then one car and generally only used by foot, was also a big advantage for my legion.

My mansion built on money's earned legitimately that still came in regularly with certain associations and certain operations that vampires could perform, housed as many as fifty vampires at once, with twenty-seven rooms in my mansion. Couples were the norm in my home, but not for Rory and I. Rory had a small place for Regina, the lawyer from Wolfram and Hart, even though he didn't admit it. Regina had called earlier, announcing something of a new partnership between Wolfram and Hart and our legion. It was one that had always been profitable, because we would do black operations for them and do them well, without bringing public scrutiny because an overwhelmence of violence. We hadn't lived in blood, mainly, for some time, although don't get me wrong, killing was still tantalizing at times. We had our own supplier of blood and would never lack for it. Killing humans when need aroused was such an American thing to do. That's why the vampire slayers hailed in the States lately; vampires were undisciplined there and weak, and as a result, were hunted. Europe featured much fewer random kills that drew attention, victims lying in alleys...

I walked down the stairs, thinking about many of my own conquests. I liked some variety and didn't tie myself down with making a woman immortal like I had in the old days. Like Rory, I tended to make love to humans. London was filled with debaucherous women, and that was generally the way that I preferred them.

I found Rory downstairs, reading, and the phone rang again. I knew that he was looking forward to potentially seeing Regina later, even if he didn't admit it. I saw that the call was coming from Wolfram and Hart, only when I answered, this time around, it was a different woman, and one that I knew well. Ilona Costa Bianchi, head of the Wolfram and Hart Rome office, where I had been. Talk about a delightful woman. I had enjoyed doing business with her and had enjoyed her company. The things that she told me were stunning and Rory looked at me as I gathered in the information. She had affirmed what Regina had said earlier about an increased partnership, only she added so much more as if she and Regina didn't have a meetint together. She was now the chief of Wolfram and Hart and not Regina's father. Regina's father had been sacrificed by the Senior Partners. Coming this way was the immortal, someone that we all knew very well and with him would be quite the surprise, that she wouldn't divulge to me. She gave me phone kisses and looked forward to meeting with Rory and I tomorrow night.

I didn't know if we would be at war tomorrow night with the Lycan's again, but tentatively, I agreed to meet her at their offices. As I started to explain to Rory all of the things that Ilona had just explained to me, an attractive blonde walked in. It took me a second to adjust to the fact that she was a vampire, which was how she was allowed access in.

Rory and I both turned to her.

"Who might you be, sweetheart?" I asked, as she smiled and seemingly confidentally walked towards us. On a different day, or in a different time, she might be dead already at either mine or Rory's hands, but times had changed and were still changing. I was amused and curious as to what this buxom blonde wanted.

[Harmony and Rory]
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When Rory and Justin had just disappeared into thin air after killing the Sofilar's, I knew that I had lost Rory forever. He had been by my side for three centuries and had helped me make our legion the most powerful in the world. There were events going on in Los Angeles, and lost, I went back into my quarters, chilled, even colder then I normally in, trying to put into perspective how huge it was that I had lost my best friend and my best warrior, forever.

I wasn't even buoyed by the fact that we had eliminated the Sofilar's, between Rory, myself and Justin and I felt compelled to do no cheering or to feel any pride over my part in killing one of the three vampire killing demons. Instead, I just watched the news from Los Angeles, and could see all of the demons on the screen, now, cold, empty and missing Katrina, not being able to wait for her to get back.

Los Angeles was calling to me by name. There had been the call from Savarda, a Senior Partner and full demon not of this plane and with Rory gone, now all that I wanted to do was get Katrina and go to Los Angeles to get involved with the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart, as I had been asked to. Leaving London, for any long stretch, at least, in the past, had been something that I would never have done, but things weren't the same now. Earlier on this night, before I had lost Rory and before we had killed the Sofilar Demons, I had learned that Adria, who had been my partner for a century and a half, had been killed along with Brandy, not protected on the cruise liner coming here, from the lynch mob by Justin. The reality of that settled in. Adria was coming back to me. And now, she wasn't, and Rory was gone.

Los Angeles was our nex destination. A jet could get us there in mere hours. I just needed to wait for my beloved immortal to return home from handling some business for me. I think that I had slept, even though sleep was a painful proposition with all of the loss, but I was awakened by screams coming from below.

I rushed out of bed to see what was going on and in the main foyer, not far from the tunnel entrance or exit, depending on where you were coming from, was my beloved Katrina, in a fight for her life with a slayer. The slayer wasn't one that I was familiar with, and Katrina was more then capable of killing a slayer, so I readied myself, but not with fear of losing Katrina.

Then, it happened, and it happened after Katrina had gained the advantage. She came down to put a finishing bite on the slayer, and the stake protruded her ample chest. I watched as my lover turned to dust, and was no longer maudlin and lazy. Rory was gone, Adria was gone and now Katrina had bene killed in her house, in my house by a slayer. I donned my fangs and showed no mercy, knowing that Katrina had softened this one up for me.

The fight was short, and despite of feeling immeasurable loss, the outcome was an amazing strength flowing through me from the dead slayer's blood. I looked at the dead slayer on my floor and knew that it was time to go to Los Angeles. I made a phone call to the highest member of my chain of command, now that Rory, Costa, Katrina and Scoby were gone. It was to Breaker. I told him to take care of things. Then, I called my pilot who could get my jet and a flightplan ready within minutes and told him to set a course for LAX.

I wheeled out of the driveway and sped away, the necro-temepered glass keeping the rising sun off of me. Life had changed and it was time for me to once again make it work for me in Los Angeles, as it bloody turned out.
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When Rory had told me about Adria and Brandy dying on the cruise ship, while attempting to come home to us, I was angry, and shocked, and curious as to how that would have worked. I was glad that Katrina wa shandling business for me in Manchester at a time like this. All of the memories of Adria and the good times came flooding back. She was a cunt, exponentially, but I had created her and for many decades bleeding into a century, we made graet music together. Now she was gone, and this Justin, who we had found out about, because Katrina had spoken by phone with Brandy some years back, had survived the ship and hadn't saved our girls, his sires...in the process, and was now coming here, as were the Sofilar's.

A quiet and sexless night for me without my Katrina had turned into something greater. Adria's death would be avenged, but more then likely, Rory would avenge Brandy's death, and he would be the one giving the fatal blows to this Justin, who I wanted to meet, of course, just before he died. It might have to wait. It might have to play a bit differently. Wars were common, although not recently, in the powers of the underworld. If we weren't feuding with Andre in Paris or Leonardo in Rome, or Boris in Munich, then we were battling slayers and killing them, or facing off with the dogs of the underworld, the Lycans.

This Justin could be duped, if Rory was capable of playing sides with him, to help us fight the Sofilar's, before we handled him after. I gathered Scoby and Costa, and we went to the tunnel leading to the estate. The Sofilar's were close, but our contact had told us that Justin was closer and that Justin would be showed the way in. The Sofilar's usually stayed in the balkans or in Romania or Bulgaria. Vampires were rampant there, and didn't have leadership, so they were stupid, and it was confounding as to why the Sofilar's, all three of them, Octavia, Cassio and Marcellus, would be coming here. They never strayed too far from Transylvania and Dracula, and if they did, they only went in twosomes. I wondered if this bloody event in Los Angeles had something to do with Rory, Katrina and I going there, and a greater power knew of this, and was trying to stop it. I certainly was intrigued by this struggle in Los Angeles. People fleeing and planes departing at an epic level. I remembered the permanent midnight. It was like bloody Norway in Los Angeles, California, so close to the mouth of hell, and now, something was happening again. Word around the underworld circles here in Europe was that Angelus or as he was now known, all souled, Angel, was behind both Los Angeles occurrences and I had to admit to being intrigued.

But, for now, I knew I had to contain Rory's rage. It was effusive, explosive, and as the Sofilar's, and before them, Justin approached, I needed him to see that we could make Justin believe that he was an ally and we could put him to work against the pink scoundrel vampire killing demons, before we turned to duplicity on him.

"Rory, this son of a bitch didn't protect the girls. It's against sire codes and he should be punished with permanent death for that, as well as invading our women for so many years as a lover, but we have to try to convey to him that he is our friend, and that the Sofilar's are coming. He could be a useful ally for an hour or so, and then we can kill him, after ridding the world of the scourge to our kind once and for all. Are you up to it?"

Costa and Scoby stayed quiet and tense, watching Rory as he looked at me, in the fading moonlight as we entered the field on the other side of the Thames from our estate. All of us were holding swords, and we looked back at the estate, as the shimmer of the moon on the Thames cast a reflection on the marble and brick of my manor. It was serene and peaceful here, but wouldn't be for long.

The influx of slayers had been our problem recently. Many of them seemed to be here in London and why there were so many of them, could only be because of magic's, for there was only supposed to be...had only been one since I had been a vampire. They had taken out some of our friends, and others who were linked to our legion, but before an onslaught could be made on them and the pestilent watcher's council, which had already been blown up once and had been reassembled, we had other issues to tend to.

I focused on Rory.

[Rory and Justin]
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Katrina and I had been doing things that we had always done. The sexcapades didn't lack with the two of us and she was the first woman that I had found could always keep me sated and one-up me every time that we shagged. Her flexibility and stamina, were epic and her imagination topped that. Still, after three hours of sweaty fornication, I was left empty, but not because of her. I would always take the pleasure of her body. The problem was simple, and it made me roll off of the bed in our Sunnydale quarters, toss on my red boxers and button my shirt, wiping off sheets of sweat as I went.

I looked back at her and noticed that she was wounded. Well, not wounded but bloody definitely wondering what I was doing. Well, what I was doing was wondering why we had come to Sunnydale only to do things that we could and would do anywhere. Sure, we had found out information since arriving. There were two slayers and both of them could now be our targets, but one of them, and not the original one that we had intended to be our target, Buffy Summers. The dossier on one Faith Lehane was too appetizing to imagine and it was she, and not Buffy Summers that had met one of our flunkies and sent him back to us with a message. As far as I knew, Buffy Summers wasn't around. I hadn't heard a thing, and I was tempted to go to her residence and see if I could locate some of her hair or an item that belonged to her so that I could do a locater spell and find her. I would have done the same with Faith Lehane and sought her out, only she hadn't left any hair or any or her blood on Jason, our flunkie, so we couldn't go after her.

Regardless, we hadn't come across either of them and we had done virtually nothing, and that was about to change. "Get changed, my immortal. We're going to go out and look for a little trouble."

Any preconceptions that she might have had about doing anything other then staying in bed and shagging, drifted away as I mentioned trouble. If there was anyone that loved creating or mixing up with mischief, it was my Katrina. I watched her naked body as she glided, which she always did, to change for the event. I guessed on what she might wear. Leather pants, and a halter that displayed her washboard abdominals, no underwear, no braziere. I was right. Katrina could dress the part of a princess, but it wasn't a common thing for us to partake in those kind of events and she was most at home in the style of clothing that she had on now. Looking at her as I completed dressing myself, as I adorned my red trenchcoat, almost made me want to go in for another multi-hour fuckfest, but dominating even that, was my desire to see what this town was made of.

Within minutes, we were out into the young night sky, and so were citizens of this little, nothing like London, berg. The cemetaries had been clear, as had the majority of the streets on our way into town, but now that we were here, people were about. There seemed to be destruction to the police station and to a magic shop and the adjacent appliance store to it, which drew my attention, until I felt something even more powerful. I pulled Katraina along.

"There are some secretive and dark magics somewhere around here. I can't wait to meet the proprietor of such strength. It might be fun to drain the very life out of them and see what that gives me."

Katrina wasn't into magic's, per se, but she was supportive of me, and what came of my former forays, generally led to power displays and kegs made of flesh for us. I had drained a witch before in Devonshire, and it had been a rush, my powers, magically, reaching new highs, only then, I hadn't had the knowledge to contain them, and I burned them out not long after acquiring them, and causing a mass of requisite destruction.

There was a presence and I looked around, Katrina sensing it too, but wondering why it had pulled me. "There is a room, my immortal, and it is permanently cloaked. I can't undertsnad why it would be permanently cloaked, but I know that i want to be there..."

Seconds later, I was standing in a waiting room and Katrina followed me in. "Death is everywhere, my love. Can't you sense?"

She followed me into the main room, which looked like the room of a hippie and dead warlock, who was on the floor, and didn't look like he had any luck against his opponent. "The magic is still rife in this room. Something or somebody, powerful was here. I'd like to meet who that was."

[Katrina and Xavier]
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Katrina and I, in the past, we had always been sexual, and that would never change. Personally, I had always been interested in many conquests both vampire and human female, but that had changed when I had met her. She was every bit my match sexually, her carnal desires, even before I tuend her, when she was human, were greater then mine. Now, I had trouble, even with my powers, keeping up with her. I had to resort to the magic's for the stamina to keep up with her at times, and I wouldn't admit that to anyone else, but it turned me on to no end.

Back in England, we would have our fun in the comfort of my vast legion, Rory the ravager runnings things, for the most part, while we fornicated all over the city, finding little games for ourselves with humans at Piccadilly circus or near the Palace, you know, bloody far away enough from my Palacial Thames combine to make things interesting, not that killing humans presented any challenges.

Now, things were different. Now, we weren't in the creature comforts of London, a city that I ran, or ran as much as anyone could run such a vibrant city. We were in Sunnydale now, the home of the hellmouth and a place that didn't feature the vibrance that made London so special. There were probably two-hundred times as many people in London, and there were no attractions here that we had run across last night or the night before that would make this place stand out. To humans. But, to a demon, or to demons like Katrina and myself, this place was so much more.

England had it's few that tracked us. The Watcher's Council had their own little strong-armers, but they were sooner dead then they were on to something, at least when dealing with my legion, but here, here was the home of the great vampire slayer, Buffy Summers. Not only was there Buffy, who was my primary interest, but there was another slayer. Gorgeous, brunette, busted, just like my Katrina, went by the name of Faith and she was on to us, at least according to Jason, a Sunnydale alum and the one being here in Sunnydale who we had made part of our new legion. Jason had gone to high school with Buffy, and while we had let him live after Faith had embarrassed him and sent him to us with a message, we would be getting more information out of him and we would be soon.

This morning, however, we had different things on our agenda. The planning of what we would do with the slayers would come to pass soon enough. Katrina was too possessive to let me have a harom, like I wanted to, after we made Buffy a vampire, but now, we had other things to think about. Faith type things, and for the moment, the two of us were thinking about neither of those things. We ran through the tunnels, intent on getting the lay of the city. It was relatively easy when bloody well considering that i knew every square inch of London at this point, but having said that, I had three-hundred and fifty years to learn about London. Sunnydale was still new.

What got me, was a scent that was past, but still lingered. It was a scent of an old nemesis, from an old order, even though we were of the same breed. Those of that order had been here and not long ago. Scents that only one vampire could have lingered in the air, as well as the fel that where we were currently standing definitively used to be a church.

The order of Aurelius king had been here, and his whereabouts were unknown but certainly, he had set up shop here at the hellmouth and it made this all of the more interesting to me. I could just imagine his faithful servants, Luke and possibly even Darla, and Angelus, being here, but it was past prologue now, knowing that Angelus had become souled by the filthy Gypsies, and he had probably been here, because he had been here with Buffy, which was also legend when you knew as much as I did, to fight the king of the order of Aurelius. Angel had been here to fight the master.

"Katrina, lamb, remember when I told you about The Master, the leader of the order of Aurelius, one whom I had many battles with in the past?"

She looked at me, then came towards me, strutting seductively. "Well, he was here in Sunnydale. I don't know if he failed, but he lived right here, in the very bloody spot where we stand, and I'm now more interested then ever to find out exactly why. Remember how I told you that he disappeared from Europe about sixty-five or seventy years ago? I think that he came here. The question is, where is he now?"

I looked at her and then looked around. I was determined to figure out what had become of him. I was thinking that he was dead, because I hadn't heard of him or about him in seventy years, which I now found odd. Things in the underworld seldom escaped my attention, but the Master's whereabouts had. And, I was going to find out why they did, and then thank the slayer for killing him, if she did, before I killed her, before Katrina and I made Buffy Summers and possibly Faith LeHane, demons.

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