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Keep runnin’ ya mouth and i’m a stick my dick in it

The High Priestess of Too Much Information
27 July

I sat in the swamp with a little pink piggy
who loved roller-skating and playing pretend
the boy that she loved was a real snackmaster
the world was a beach ball and we were all friends
then he died alone and the last time i saw her
it looked like the reaper had rapped on her door
she said "do you remember singing ice ice baby with me
laying down on The Reef bathroom floor?"

-"I will never forget", by kimya dawson

my website is down, otherwise there would be this totally sweet graphic that I made here that listed some random stuff about me and it would wow you with how clever I am and how mind blowingly talented I am with photoshop! omg for reals! generally I like indie rock, indie pop, new wave, synth pop, deathrock, industrial, darkwave, ethereal, "elektro-clash" or "electropop", bad gay techno, ghettotech, "idm", blues, soul, motown, hardcore, black metal, honky tonk, jug bands and small doses of twee, hip-hop, punk and ragga. my bartender at the bar I used to spin at said that I played "depressed art school girl music." what a terrible and true thing to say!

I, uh, draw comic strips, play video games, dj, make hella mix tapes, give bad advice, take pictures and I dunno, just generally dork around. I used to make pointless movies, that was what I did in college, but I haven't done that for a while. my lj posts are generally pretty frivolous. I like it what way.

5lowershop, 80s movies, ab fab, accordians, akira kurosawa, anarcho-punks, anti-globalization, antonin artaud, anything vintage, audrey hepburn, badminton, bastards, bawdy behavior, beer breath, being a total dork, bell hooks, big hair, bill viola, bio-zombie, bitter men, blues and soul, boning heshers, boy smell, brothers quay, chainsmoking cloves like-a motherfucker, club scenes in movies, college radio, computer geeks, conscious living, corsets, crispin glover, crustypunks, dance parties, dark stinky dive bars, darren aronofksy, david lynch, dinner parties, diy, drag, drunks, dumpstering, edward gorey, epic death metal, escapist behavior, experimental film, fag music, falling off my bike-drunk, feminists, filmmaking, free drinks, gender fuck, genderfuck, ghettotech, godless heathens, good smelling hair, graffiti, guerrilla girls, hal hartley, harmony korine, independent film, indie rock, jhonen vasquez, jim jarmusch, john waters, kids in the hall, kitsch, maakies, make-out action, malt liquor, marrying tom waits, martha stewart, mix tapes, monkey, mr. charles bukowski, mullet porn yes!, muscle cars, nasal voices, new wave, noam chomsky, old school country music, pants, parker posey, photography, pie, piracy, pop-culture, programmers, rivetheads, robots, rock-n-roll high school, romantic retard nation, sad bastard music, science geeks, self-destruction, sifl & olly, skullfucking, spike lee, stalking, stella marrs, steve buscemi, stinky punks make my-pillow-smell-good, stoner movies, super 8, super pretentious interior design, surrealism, synth-pop, takashi miike, tats, thai food, the state, the young ones, tight pants, trains, tranny boys, uber spooky goths, veganism, vegans, video games, wes anderson, wheatpaste, whiskey, zero population growth, zombie movies