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Keep runnin’ ya mouth and i’m a stick my dick in it
Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot :) dubbed japanese tv show from the 60s.
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Whatever you do, do not click this link and then after that, don't click on the thing that say "Play This Game" right underneath the advert banner! Gahhhh!
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Stuff White People Like


If you find yourself in a social situation where you are asked to list your favorite actor or artist, you should always say Mos Def. This way you can name someone that everyone has heard of and you don’t look like you are trying to one up anybody. The only possible negative consequence is some white people might think “I wish I had said that first.”
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exactly a week ago I was finally about to start my first morning shift. I've been wanting to do mornings for a long time & I thought I might hate my job less if I worked mornings. I'm not used to there being ice when I go to work, since it's usually melted by the time I head out in the afternoons. so last wednesday I got as far as across the street from my apartment when I slipped on the ice, heard a loud popping sound from my leg and fell. wheee! left leg this time. (when I had that big compound fracture a few years ago it was in my right leg) A guy walking his dog saw me fall and helped me to the curb of the empty parking lot. The security guard for the parking lot let me sit in her car to keep warm. I thought maybe it was just a sprain & that I was just being a pussy about the pain, but it turns out I have 3 fractures in my left ankle. while I was in the waiting room at the ER there were 4 or 5 more people that got wheeled in for slipping on the ice injuries. one was a kid who broke his femur. owww. another was a woman who cracked her tailbone in a grocery store parking lot & I heard the nurse saying that the parking lot was so icy the paramedics had trouble getting to her. xrays and pain. it took a few hours before they finally gave me something for the pain.

so this past week has been vicodin and movies and warcraft. I was supposed to get surgery on it on monday: some shiny new screws & a plate! it will match the accessories in my right leg, the screws and the rod & further my status as a bionic woman. I will have superhero street cred! but the surgery didn't happen monday, they're putting it off for a week until the swelling has gone down. monday night and all day yesterday I was in Extra Pain. over the weekend I was able to make it to the bathroom & even get up and make coffee and put tv dinners in the oven, but the past two days I barely made it to the bathroom. and there have been new things like my numb toes and muscle spasms in my leg. my surgeon's office was already closed by the time I was ready to admit that it was Definitely Worse, so back to the ER for us. hoping for xrays and the assurance that I'm not gonna keel over from a blood clot or something. my mom couldn't get me from my apartment to the car & despite my embarrassment she called the paramedics. we told them how poor & uninsured I am & they offered instead of taking me to the hospital to at least get me into my moms car. So I was manhandled by some firemen (which I'm sure is everyone's dirty fantasy but mine) and apparently this service is free, like getting a cat out of a tree. high on drugs I was highly entertained by the idea of me being a cat stuck in a tree.

the people that admitted me into the ER where very nice. the whole visit was pretty much a waste of time though, since the doctor didn't look at my foot at all, instead he told me a story about cavemen with broken bones & how the swelling and pain is the bodies way of telling us not to move it... I guess he couldn't have just come out and said "you're overexerting yourself, knock it off." cos that would be too.. you know, concise and to the point. so they gave me stronger drugs and told me that my leg hurts because it's broken.

my biggest worry now is strictly financial. no insurance, no source of income. I guess washington is less sympathetic than california in that they are not willing to give me any sort of unemployment or way to pay my bills while I'm laid up. I made too much money for welfare. I may or may not have a job once I'm recovered. my bosses told me that they would "try" and hire someone to temporarily fill my shift, but basically don't count on it. well... I hated that job anyway.

Current Mood: tired tired

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and six years later, the music video my friend Trevor & I did for our friend Greta's band shows up on youtube. whoot!

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you would think that if you came into my work at the exact minute that I'm closing, on the hour, and ordered food and espresso and asked if you could sit down, even though I'm closing. you would want to tip well. or, you know AT ALL.

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ding! 31

also happy birthday to alisa, balz & emit and liz ... and soon corey & j. and some other peeps.
good job. keep up the good work, leos.

Current Mood: leos ftw.

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you guys where right about Oldboy that shit was fucking awesome & completely whack. I watched Sympathy For Mr. Vengence first, thinking that Oldboy was part of the series and it really isn't. they're both quite lovely visually and hell of whack mentally, but I liked Oldboy a lot more (although I thought Mr. Vengence was "prettier"). so of course Lady Vengence is next in the queue.

also I'd like to recommend to my calipornia (and "other select city") friends that they check out #2 in the 3 part Russian sci-fi/action/fantasy series Dnevnoy dozor Daywatch. not sure if you have to have seen Nochnoy dozor Nightwatch first, but if you haven't, you oughtta anyway. it isn't playing in seattle yet, which is not tight at all. dear seattle: get with the program, k thnx.

that is all.
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of mutantfest mosquito bites is:

left leg: 25 bites
right leg: 18 bites
left arm: 8 bites
right arm: 3 bites

conclusion: I am delicious, they like my left more than my right, everyone who gave me the worthless hippie advice of "just eat a clove of garlic & you will be fine" pls get a near fatal case of chicken pox directly followed by shingles so I can arrive at your deathbed and tell you "just eat a clove of garlic & you will be fine." k, thnx. in addition to the bunk garlic theory, I also sprayed myself down in a fantastic mist of probably toxic & cancercausing chemicals that made me smell like citronilla & pledge to no avail. what can I say? I am IRRESISTABLE & DELICIOUS :(((
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