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21 December 2012 @ 11:23 pm


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15 September 2010 @ 12:07 pm
Emotions like the flip of a switch.

Contrived, and superficial.

The most hurtful thing someone can say to you is that which you know, deep down, is true.
30 April 2010 @ 08:38 pm
Oh, hey, Livejournal.

Summer goals:

These are pretty much still the same as the last goals list I posted. Except for the one about bringing my GPA up. That's not going to happen, I'm officially a C student.

1. Score a new job. Preferably an internship or entry level position related to my major. Extra super bonus points if they'll pay for graduate school.

2. Move. Presumably, any such job will be far away, so I'd like to be close to it, and school. Especially if I do decide to continue on with some sort of master's degree.

3. Puppy. Yes.

and for some realistic ones:

4. Beach. Every. Day. I want to be Mickey Rourke levels of leathery come fall.

5. Get in shape. I've been unhappy with a lot of aspects about myself lately, and this seems reasonably doable. I want to lose some weight, and firm up a bit.

6. Make new friends. I love the ones I have, but it's tough not having much in common with many of them. I just need to supplement my friend supply with some people that are on the same page as I am.

7. Devote time to hobbies and some sort of intellectual stimulation. I need a serious calculus refresher.

That's all for now I guess. I'll visit Livejournal again in the fall to see how many of these I failed to accomplish.
15 February 2010 @ 06:16 am
This is the best dream I've ever had:

My coworker and I end up locked in some office in our quest to purchase tickets to some event. I notice an odd assortment of items throughout the room and the phone that's off the hook with no dial tone. I quickly realize it's a goddamn real life room escape game! I relay this information to my coworker who completely disregards it, thinking I'm insane. Throughout the course of the dream the room was getting bigger and more elaborate with more elements to the game (this was happening not in the realm of the dream, we didn't notice any difference). I was obsessively trying to keep track of every detail and listen to every instruction that came over the phone/radio while my coworker was becoming furious with how insane I was acting, still not believing we were in any sort of set-up and that we just had to wait for someone to come along and let us out. There was a point where I turned into Dee from It's Always Sunny and my coworker turned into a dude who was also "from" the show, however just a dude that doesn't really exist on the show in real life. At this point we ended up having sex that I interrupted because I was hearing clues over the radio about where to look for important objects. He was furious. Anyway, so it got to the point where the room had morphed into the size and semblance of a grocery store back room (go figure) complete with carts and produce stock and everything. So anyway, there were these markings and instructions written all over the floor in chalk about where and what to do with these large, strange pieces of machinery. My coworker (no longer a television character) got a hold of a hose and decided to "clean up". I was screaming and telling him he was washing away the only hope of our escape when suddenly a lady (apparently a coworker in dream land) appeared and handed us a case of yogurt cups and said "Here you guys, everything you need to make Heather's cake" (Heather is the name of my real life manager at work) We both look at each other confused as she walks away towards a set of double swinging doors. (at the beginning when it was still an office it was just a regular locked windowless door) I realize what's happening, sure that the door will lock again once she leaves and the yogurt is just another piece of the puzzle but decide to try anyway and sprint after her screaming for her to hold the door. She gives a funny look but does anyway, and I run out to the grocery store beyond with my coworker who calls back for another girl who was apparently trapped with us (though she wasn't there at all throughout) and we are all confused but super excited about the prospects of being free.

As soon as I walked out the door I woke up, and my heart was beating really fast. It was so vivid and real that I actually felt relieved when I woke up that I wasn't there. The prospect of actually being trapped in some room escape scenario is terrifying! You can't google a walkthrough when you have no idea what to do with the matches and screwdriver you found. I fucking love room escape games and this dream was awesome for that, so I wanted to record the details before they faded.