Check out Figurines

Check out Figurines. From Denmark. Recommended for fans of Built to Spill, Modest Mouse, and Mercury Rev.
FIGURINES are new historians teaching sold-out Scandinavian audiences to file their jagged helmet horns with crisp guitars and rolling melodies, surfing perfectly on back-beat modern waves. Reception to the band’s overtime touring continues to glow hotter than tipsy-hipster hearts at an Ice Hotel bar. Making foreign allies out of Rolling Stone’s senior editor David Fricke, or watching leather jackets rise in the grass at Roskilde Festival, FIGURINES songs are moving their fathers forward.

"The Wonder"

You can stream their entire album "here"
Figurines on "MySpace"


Check out Excepter and their new EP "Sunbomber". Excepter is a synthetic protest band engineered to erase cultural distinctions through polarized confusion.

Frequently lumped in with bands in their zip code like Gang Gang Dance,
Sightings, Animal Collective and the No-Neck Blues Band, Excepter are
actually much more of a confrontational question mark, simultaneously
writing and destroying their own ethos with each passing minute of this
record. With a lineup jamming out unclear instrumention but perhaps
including traces of Casio, battery needin' samplers, six string
catalogs and occasional percussion, they manage to craft a deeply and
creepily eerie sound that includes sounds from all over the radio dial.
Freak-folk they are not. Nope. Excepter represent the soundtrack to a
post-apocalyptic aftermath--music for Mad Max's headphones if you will.
Welcome to a beautiful cacaphony.

here's an mp3: "Dawn Patrol"

the gossip

hey! check out the gossip!

For the past five years this Portland, OR via Arkansas trio have been creating dance floor madness with their bluesy, soulful, down n' dirty, garage-punk rock & roll. With their attention to art, change, fashion, and the underground so apparent, The Gossip can easily fill any resume as artists, poets, writers, feminists, designers, musicians, and DJs. New drummer Hannah Blilie (Shoplifting, ex-Chromatics) joins booming vocalist Beth Ditto and guitarist Brace Paine (Die Monitr Batss) for the most rhythmic, jagged, thundering, punk and R&B hybrid around. With Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) lending his magic to the mixing board, this is the fiercest and most focused Gossip release yet. If you're lucky you've already caught them on tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Erase Errata, Stereo Total, White Stripes, Sonic Youth, or Sleater Kinney.

here's an mp3: "standing in the way of control"

"the gossip on myspace"

People S/T on I and Ear

People's self-titled debut, the first release by the newly established I and Ear Records out of New York (other I and Ear releases include records by the critically acclaimed Mazarin and Miguel Mendez). People is the duo of Mary Halvorson (of the Anthony Braxton Quintet, here playing guitar and singing) and Kevin Shea (of Storm and Stress and Coptic Light, here playing drums and providing backup vocals). Their tightly crafted "pop" songs, played with the spontaneity and intensity of the best of the avant-garde, not to mention Mary's personal, almost operatic singing, are as carefully composed as a classical piece and as earth-shattering as if played by a rock band with double their instrumentation and wattage. Recorded by Rusty Santos, whose recent credits include Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs," and work with Vashti Bunyon.

RIYL: Load Records duos (Lightning Bolt, Pink and Brown, Neon Hunk), Anthony Braxton.

Music available at their MySpace page here.

Bio, Photos, Art here.

Wooden Wand news

In January, Wooden Wand Jehova will begin recording his next solo record, with Skygreen Leopards as his backing band. Kill Rock Stars will release it in 2006 as Wooden Wand and The Sky High Band.

Wooden Wand & Vanishing Voice

The mysterious New York-based collective known as Wooden Wand and The Vanishing Voice is out on tour this summer with the somewhat mysterious Castanets (Asthmatic Kitty), Skygreen Leopards (Jagjaguwar), and I Heart Lung (Sounds Are Active).The band, which seems to change its membership with the rising of each new moon, has been releasing a steady stream of CD-R and cassette releases over the past year including two which will now see proper reissue in 2005.

Troubleman Unlimited reissued the previously vinyl-only album XIAO (originally released via DeStijl) on June 21st and Kill Rock Stars imprint 5 Rue Christine will do the same with the currently 2XLP only Buck Dharma (originally released via Time Lag) this September.

RIYL: Black Dice, Animal Collective, Grateful Dead

From XIAO (Troubleman)
Cobra Christ in the Great Void
From "Buck Dharma" (5RC)
Risen From The Ashes
From "Harem of the Sundrum"... (Soft Abuse)
Sundrum Ladies

MySpace page here.</b>

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Fanatic Promotion and Marketing is looking for interns for its Silver Lake office.

Fanatic is a leading artist development company serving independent artists and record labels in the areas of radio promotion, press relations and marketing. Since 1997, Fanatic has proven itself as a loyal and successful promotions partner for breaking new artists. Our current client roster includes Sufjan Stevens, Kill Rock Stars, Load Records, Troubleman Unlimited, I and Ear, Sound Ink, Gold Standard Labs, Plug Research and Ghostly International. Fanatic has offices in both Los Angeles and New York.

We're looking for a press intern who can work two full days a week and a new media intern who can work at least one day a week. The positions are unpaid.

The new media intern will play a key role in the online promotion of Fanatic clients, and should be very familiar with online communication tools like LiveJournal and MySpace.

The press intern will work closely with the director of Fanatic's publicity department on a number of press and office management issues. Experience in an office environment is a plus.

The ideal candidates are music-savvy individuals who are already both familiar with and fans of our clients. A background in college radio is a plus. The ability to receive college credit is also a plus. Candidates should be able to commit to a weekly schedule.

Those interested in applying should send a resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you're the right candidate for the job to