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Just another day in a broken world...

What makes my problems so much bigger than everyone else's? They're mine.

Fallen words...
21 April 1980
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Why Fall? Because of this...

Candle light, steel blue gray clouds over small lights. Sweet ballads and snow flakes on the steps waiting, like me, for you to fall. If only you were able to move, to go, to fly, to fall. I know how deep your smile, how hard your love, how far your longing, how wild your pleasure. If you were able to fall, to see you there then would tickle me crazy. To see you then in the embrace of that fall. But I already know that view. You have that smile, your eyes for another bring that...that love, that joy, that fall. Therefore I hum, I sigh, I giggle, I kiss, I smile, I know, I bow, I go. Having had the joy, having had the very joy I'd ever desired for you. Only for you, and your fall...

~Eric Schaeffer~

fallenwrdsMy alter-ego

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Fall. A place for rambling words and non-sensical musings. A place to be lost in another person's thoughts and to hear questions that have no answers. A place to read a heart's longings for a faceless, un-named 'you'. A place to appreciate the friendships shown through pictures. A place to come and watch someone's fall, into happiness.
Strengths: My friends. Always believing in the good. Trusting that the good will be rewarded eventually. Faith. Unwavering friendship. Big heart. Respectful. Willingness to go that extra mile for someone. Listener. Open minded. Non-judgemental.
Weaknesses: Unwavering friendship. Inability to say 'No' to a certain someone. Short temper. Stubborness. Always believing in the good. Trusting that the good will be rewarded eventually. Wounds cut very deep and are often difficult to heal, especially from "friends."
Special Skills: Can ramble on non-stop without realising. Able to watch an entire Buffy Boxset without getting bored. Can go for days on a few hours sleep.
Weapons: Words.
Words to follow...: 'Some people say you are going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own.'