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Just to let everyone know, I've misplaced my cellphone. So, If you've tried to call me recently and I have no responded, I'm not ignoring anyone's calls!
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So I finally did it and made a booklog.

If you're interested in seeing what I'm reading, check out temporaryworlds . Chances are, I'll be updating that a lot more than this blog. I have one review up, and a lot more coming once I finish my school work for this semester.
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Changes for the future!

I've been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog. When I was in high school, I had a ujournal. In college, I started this LJ. Now I'm graduating in a few days (eep!) and I've been thinking. Shouldn't I be doing something to mark the change in my life? For a while I thought, "why not make a new LJ" but then I thought about what a pain in the ass it would be to transfer over all of my communites and friends. Not to mention, some of the communities I'm in are locked so I wouldn't be able to access them anyway. So after much thought, I've decided to keep this blog but make a few changes.

1. Make the entries more personal. Sure you'll still see silly rants and little news clips about movies I'm excited about but honestly, there are people that say that they read my blog to "keep up to date on my life" but I only write about a tiny fraction of it. So expect to see more personalized blog entries. NOT tedious accounts of my day, but just more information about me besides "there was no hot water/this is my to-do list/OMG BUFFY SEASON 8!"
2. As a result, this blog will become friends only as of graduation day. I'm also going to be a bit pickier about people I friend. It used to be "if you ask, okay!" but I think that if I'm going to post personal stuff here, I want to be sure I really know who's reading it.****
3. On top of that I'm going to be doing a bit of cleaning up. You know, take anything off my "user interest" list that no longer interests me. Leave those communites that have died. Also, I'm going to do a friends cut. Chances are if you're reading this, you're NOT going to be cut. It's more for those blogs that haven't been updated in almost six months, Or the people that haven't commented here for even longer than that. I really doubt anyone on there's going to care about the cut- but I'll make a note on my userinfo page JUST in case some of these old blogs get brought back from the dead.

So, I think that's it! I hope that I'm making good decisions here. I'm going to be going through a lot of changes in the next few month, and I know that I'm going to want a place where I can talk about it with people that can give me good advice. Again, DON"T WORRY ABOUT THE FRIENDS CUT if you've put up entries in your own LJ lately or have commented in mine. I'm not trying to pull some snobbish "YOU"RE NOT MY FRIENDS ANYMORE" BS, as much as I just want to clean things up a bit. After all, what's the use of keeping track of journals/communities that don't update anymore?

And if you read all of that, you kick ass!

****(If anyone knows how to make all of my old entries friends only beyond changing each entry individually. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Oh and I want to find one of those pretty banners. I am a dork.....)
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I read a LOT this month. Granted, if you take out the abnormally large amount of manga, it's a little less impressive. Anyway, here's the list. If you're interested in learning about these books they're all pretty fresh in my mind.

pbs= I got this book off of paperback swap
m= manga
rr= re-read
sr- school read

1. Wicked- Gregory Maguire (409 pages)
2. Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle: Vol 2- CLAMP (208 pages)- m
3. Notes from a small Island- Bill Bryson (352 pages)- pbs
4. Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle: Vol 3- CLAMP (208 pages)- m
5. Assassin's Apprentice- Robin Hobb (356 pages)
6. Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle: Vol 4- CLAMP (208 pages- m
7. In her Shoes- Jennifer Weiner (421 pages)
8. Touch the Dark- Karen Chance (307 pages)
9. Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle: Vol 5- CLAMP (208 pages)
10. Bitten- Kelley Armstrong (436 pages)- pbs
11. Catalyst- Laurie Halse Anderson (232 pages)-pbs
12. Magic Knights Rayearth- Vol 1- CLAMP (208 pages)- pbs, m

If anyone's curious I'm proud to say that I only paid full price on ONE of these books. 1 was a Christmas gift. 2,4,6, and 9 were bought used on amazon (from 2.99-5.00). 5 was bought for 75 cents at the library book sale. 7 was from the bargin bin at B&N (for about 4 dollars). 3, 10, 11 and 12 are all pbs books.

When you read a lot, you learn to look for bargins.

Touch the Dark was full price. I think I should have waited to buy it used. It wasn't a BAD book. God knows it had a wonderful setting and tons of great ideas but it didn't really live up to it's potential. I'll be reading the sequel but I dunno if I'll pay full price.
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paperbackswap bookshelf

More for myself than anything else.

I've divided them into sections

Midnight Magic- Avi
Perloo the Bold- Avi
The Ancient One- T. A. Barron
She Said Yes : The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall- Misty Bernall
The China Garden- Liz Berry
A Branch of Thorns- Kyle A. Bladow
Children of the River- Linda Crew
Borrowed Light- Anna Fienberg
The Silent Storm- Sherry Garland
Prowlers- Christopher Golden
The Vampire Hunters- William Hill
The Secret of Platfom 13- Eva Ibbotson
The Woven Path- Robin Jarvis
Violet Eyes- Nicole Luiken
So Much to Tell You- John Marsden
Of Two Minds- Carol Matas, Perry Nodelman
Angels on the roof- Martha Moore
Night Flying- Rita Murphy
Dancing on the Edge- Han Nolan
A School for Sorcery- E. Rose Sabin
Black Mirror- Nancy Werlin
Locked Inside- Nancy Werlin
You Are Here This Is Now: The Best Young Writers and Artists in America

Adult Fantasy/horror/Fiction/whatever
The Dean's December- Saul Bellow
Lord Jim- Joseph Conrad
Again Calls the Owl- Margaret Craven
I heard the Owl call my Name- Margaret Craven
Congo- Michael Crichton
The Odyssey- Homer
Miko- Eric Van Lustbader
The Human Comedy- William Saroyan
A Walk To Remember- Nicholas Sparks
Bless the Child- Cathy Cash Spellman
The Confessions of Nat Turner- William Styron
The Virginian- Owen Wister

These of course, are all for sale (er.... sorta) on paperbackswap (http://ropedancer.paperbackswap.com/profile/index.php)
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