The documentary of my love for JT.


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Age 17. Female. In a relationship. Scorpio. I love to hang out with friends. Go to the movies. Go to the park late at night. Sing. Dance. Act like the dork that I am. Basically, I embrace life. Because life is too short to waste. If you want to know more about me, just add me and I'll add ya back. As long as you respect my opinions and my dorkiness, we can get along fine. Just be yourself, because if you don't, you may end up lost inside a strange body that you call your own.

A walk to remember. Tears of the sun. Titanic. You've got mail. There's something about mary. Enough. Dawson's creek. The oc. Tennis. Music. No Doubt. The color pink. My bed. Rollerblading. The rain. Driving. Gazing at the stars. and whatever else comes to mind.

Liars. Cheaters. Whiners. Backstabbers. Fake people. Rumors. Ignorance. People who waste time on meaningless things.

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