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Friends Only...

The Friending Policy:  

I like to know who's reading what I write and post. Sorry but that's just how it works. Somethings I post are personal to me and other things are not. I post everything from fandom stuff (fan fics, photos, news, etc) to just random stuff in general, life related stuff, college stuff, and that's just scratching the surface. 

If I know you outside of LJ or something, then you do not have to comment. But sometimes it does help me keep track of who adds me. So if I know you and I have not added you back, comment here and let me know. 

This post is here because I don't always have  time to dig and see who's friended me. So it's much easier for me  to know who's friended me if they comment here.  

More less than likely I will add you back if we have any sort of similar interests. I'm not usually known to decline a friend request unless there is a valid reason.

I do not judge people and so that's a part of why I don't usually decline them.  But the main thing is that I like to be LJ friends with those that have similar interests as I do. If you have similar interests as I do, and you actually post and don't have a blank user info page and journal... Then guess what? You're golden. You'll probably be added to my list.  =}

That is all I have to say. If I need to change this, I will. 

Currently: Semi-Adding

Are you looking for my graphics?  You can find them at untitledicons_I've finally finished cleaning it up. It now has graphics on it.

If you are looking for my fan fiction, you can find them here on my LJ or over at my  Fan Fiction.net account . So basically its up to you where you read the fic at. =}