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if you only knew, my dear. if you only knew.

I miss you. But I'm afraid to let you know.

For I'm afraid that you don't feel the same way and - the feeling is not mutual. I'm afraid that I would come across as too needy. Too clingy. (I'm afraid if I told you, you'd say something you don't mean. Something just to appease me.)

So I play it cool. I pretend to be unaffected. Pretend that you don't quite matter to me. For you can't see my heart trembling, behind my cold facade.

I try to remain a little aloof, a little detached. Yet I find myself unable to withdraw. Not without feeling the dull ache - that dull reminder that you mean something to me. And I can't pull myself away competely.

I miss you, dear. But you probably won't know that. Not now. Not today.
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