Erin C. (_eyesofpride_) wrote,
Erin C.


Title: Pink Wash
Pairing: Hal/Martha (Being Human/Doctor Who)
Rating: G
A/N: An advent calendar gift for queer_theory!

Over the past couple of months, Hal had become quite accustomed to spending the majority of his time at Martha’s flat. Neither one of them had quite admitted that they are living together, but the more and more things Hal keeps at her flat, the more comfortable he feels.

It’s taken months, literally months, to get her flat up to his very stringent standards. He has worked away at her things, getting them into an order that they both could live with. Martha, to her credit, has been on board the entire time and Hal suspects she’s grateful that she doesn’t have to clean anymore. It doesn’t bother him in the slightest, cleaning being something that he actually enjoys.

Doing the laundry is not one of his favorite activities, but Hal has to admit that it’s one of the easiest. He separates both of their laundries in their bedroom while Martha does paperwork out in the living room. The load of whites is almost entirely his, Martha telling him in passing that she’s never liked wearing white, thinking it made her look too much like a bride.

He tosses in the load quickly, thinking about the dishes he left soaking in the sink that he wants to wash before dinner. He smiles over at her as he heads into the kitchen, busying himself with the dishes, “Working hard?”

“Who knew that a secret organization had so much paperwork?” she says with a huff, putting a stack of paper to the side.

Hal smiles to himself as he cleans, always amused by how much she hates menial tasks, “It has to be done, love.”

“Sure. But does it have to be done by me?”

He laughs, shaking his head. “But you have such gorgeous handwriting,” he says, offering her a simple compliment, hoping to make her feel better.

After the dishes are done, Hal puts on an easy dinner - chicken soup - stirring it up as the washer dings. He heads in to move the clothes, when he stops abruptly, looking down at the clothes in the tumbler. The white clothes he left in there were not there anymore; the clothes that now inhabited the space were, in fact, pink. Pink. All his undershirts, his socks, a nice button-down, transformed into a mottled pink mass.

He must have let out a displeased noise, only noticing when Martha comes up behind him. “Something interesting about the wash?” she says, peering into the washing machine as well. She pauses briefly, surprised, before she bites her lips, stifling a laugh.

Hal looks back at her in shock, wondering how she could think the massacred clothes were funny, “What? This is humorous?”

“Your clothes are pink,” she says, pointing inside, “Yeah, that’s just a little amusing.”

He looks back at his clothes, picking through them dismayed, before he sees a lone sock at the bottom - red, with hearts on it. Martha winces, guessing she must have accidentally left it in there the last time she attempted to do laundry. “I’m so sorry,” she says, plucking the sock from his hand, “But it’ll be alright.”

Hal sighs, simply shaking his head. “What?” she says, leaning in to look at his face, smiling slightly, “You’ve never done that before? Accidentally dyed some clothes?”

“No,” he says firmly, “I haven’t.”

“Well, I have, so it’s fine.” Martha heads over to toss her sock away, coming back to rest her head on his shoulder, “It’ll be alright. We can get you some new clothes, alright? And then we can…look for the other one of my socks.”

Hal sighs, resting his head against hers, breathing deeply - he isn’t angry at her, more so the sock - but he feels better just being comforted by her, “Alright. Lets go find this other sock."
Tags: advent calendar, character: hal yorke, character: martha jones, fic, friend: queer_theory, landcomm: gameofcards, pairing: hal/martha, tv: being human, tv: doctor who

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