brandon is the best person alive.
my tounge hurts.
work is so easy.
i love my friends.
im getting tattooed on Thursday.
I can't wait.
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I need my car back!
Im so glad me and Daryl are better, <3
I love you baby :-*
I can't wait for Christmas, or Cali, or my birthday or Floridaaaaaaaa<3
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good thing faith saved my life

So today I locked my keys in my ignition.
I feel so retarded. Thank god Faith was there and saved my life, by going to find me the Autoshop teacher, or we would have been stranded at school :(
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I'm so sick of Nashua, and how everyone is so fake.
I'm so sick of fucking people that talk shit about you, but act like your friend.
I hate bitches, I hate how girls suck so much.
SO many people say shit about me, and about 99.9% of the time, its all bullshit.
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