_exia's Journal - 23rd January '05
02:15am 23/01/2005
  OK. So this journal's been dormant for the past week or two.
Anywho, I've been spending most all of that time grinding away on SWG. Primarily grinding to doctor and fencer professions. No, I haven't quite reached past the novice brawler and novice medic, yet. But I'm decently close.

Novice Brawler: 0/3/0/0
Novice Medic: 1/0/3/2

I still have a ways to go.
Meanwhile, I've managed to anchor the imperial alliance, and advance into second rank just above private. Crafted the crap out of stim packs, hunted for deals on resource containers, and repaired my armour. Oh, and landed a medium Naboo house just outside of Theed.
I suppose my biggest frustration is that I don't feel I'm making as effective of progress with my grinding as I feel I should. But then that may just be me being impatient.

News Flash of the evening:
EvX is declaring war on the TM(R?) guild.
(I presume they are still carrying out this notion)

On another note, I've created a livejournal community dedicated specifically to the Sunrunner server. I thought Sunrunner could use one. <3
Now just to design the layout and make new icons.
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03:24am 23/01/2005
  Just created a new SWG community, specifically for the Sunrunner server. In hopes of pulling the Sunrunner community together a bit more. So anyone with any characters on the Sunrunner server, drop in and join. I'll try to keep the community updated frequently. -- It's an open membership. <3

sunrunner server

Oh, and just for humour: Star Wars Rap
05:38pm 23/01/2005
  Another character picture of Exia
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