_exia (_exia) wrote,

Grinding sucks.
I feel like I'm progressing so much slower than anyone else in my professions. That could just be me, though. I have a bad habit of being impatient. Anyway, in short that burnt me out on grinding for a day and night.
So, my next mission is to open up jedi and become force sensitive.
Why? Well, apparently you're able to possess a second account this way instead of re-purchasing the game just to have an account key. All in all, the entire concept is an absolute bitch. But I really want an alternate character on Sunrunner when I'm tired of beating things up with my fencer.
I think it would be neat to create a guild, but I don't know anyone who would even join it. Everyone else is all ready part of some sort of guild that's typically restricted to a certain genre' of characters such as "teras kasi only" or "pvp only" or what the hell ever. That or I just don't like the guild I'm being invited into.
I haven't seen Jaster' since last weekend, too. Maybe he was tied up in something else. I figured he worked all week and that was why I didn't see him playing the game during the week. He's the only person who's really bothered grinding with me or anything of that nature.
Maybe I just don't socialize enough in the game. lol I never have much to say, and even if I do I'm more worried about 'pestering' the other player.
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