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I’ve removed 18 people today from my friend's list. It was a tough decision to make but don’t worry! It’s absolutely nothing personal! I only removed journals that haven’t been updated for around 2 years or more. I figure you've moved onto different websites and aren't interested in LJ anymore. I may have some of you added on other websites like FB, twitter, tumblr so please let me know, if you want to be added back on LJ. I’d like to stay friends. As I have said, I didn’t remove anyone because I didn’t like them or because I’m angry with them. I just wanted to remove inactive journals and keep people who are still around.

If you happen to come back, let me know and I’ll gladly add you again :)

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If anyone wants me to add them back just let me know! I'd add you all but some are probably just interested in my resources and I don't want to annoy with my boring rants...Just one thing you have to know: I talk about Michael Jackson a lot! <3