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"That to me says that no matter how big Michael is, to those who look at us with our money, with our mercedes benz with our fine homes and our fine cars and our prominent positions in life you are nothing but a nigger and if you get out of your place, I will have to put you back in your place. Michael Jackson is an extremely wealthy man but he is an extremely sensitive human being. And if you watch Michael, you can know that the essence of God is in that man for if God's spirit was not in Michael, Michael could not touch the hearts of so many millions of people black, brown, red, yellow and white all over the Earth. That man has God in him. I can't argue whether he's guilty or not, I don't know that. But I know that the man is being mistreated and I ask myself why. Why would taboid television pay $1000 to people to come on television to say what they say about Michael. Why would they threaten you with the loss of your show? This is what they think. That we are slaves to wealth. To power. To position over principle. And some of us are. But I believe that Michael is becoming politicaly mature. And Michael wants to use his political maturity along with his wealth to aid his people. And because there are those in high places that may fear the direction that Michael is going. Lets strip him of his wealth, strip him of his fame, make him an outcast and throw him into the laps of his people again."