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They don't care about us (by Michael jackson)

Just felt like making a post about one of my favorite songs.

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Olodum is an internationally acclaimed Afro-Brazilian cultural group from Bahia, Brazil. Olodum (pronounced oh-lo-doon) was founded in 1979 as a bloco afro (African Bloc), a Bahian Carnival association highlighting African heritage and black pride through music, dance theater, and art. From their home city of Salvador da Bahia in Northeast Brazil (often described as the most African city in the Americas), Olodum has dedicated itself to cultural activism in the struggle against racial discrimination and socioeconomic inequality.

2 MJ downloads

Okay, here it is! One of my favorite Michael Jackson concerts for some people on my flist [and anyone else who also wants it]. It's from 26.9.1987 Yokohama...

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First download all the parts and then extract
them with WINRAR. The file is about 600mb.
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And here is also the file that I posted on youtube few days ago:
1980 Nassau- Rock With You

Michael Jackson music videos & misc clips

Thanks to the wonderfull people who have uploaded these to youtube.com! I was tired of constantly downloading and deleting his videos so I took an advantage of that site and gathered all the links to the videos and put them here ^__^. Enjoy! I know I will! haha

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Secondly...since I don't have a website for this, I guess I'm just gonna have to use my LJ account. Here are probably ALL the MJ files that I have (either on my computer or on discs)! Feel free to download and enjoy! :D
P.S.: this entry is being updated whenever I have time to upload more clips

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instructions for split files (WINRAR)
1.download ALL the (.rar) parts of the file
2.right-click the 1st part and extract with Winrar
3.watch the video :]

If you have any problems, feel free to ask!