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story from Michael's bodyguard (Michael La Perruque)...awwwwww

One afternoon I had to take Michael for a doctor's appointment in Santa Monica, CA. As the afternoon turned into the evening the doctor decided that Michael should spend the night in his office so that the nurse could monitor Michael all night. Around 7:00 at night Michael told me to go back to hotel in case his children needed anything.

Around 11:00 that night I got a call from Michael saying he was really bored and he asked me to bring him some magazines. Michael loved magazines and he loved to read and look at the pictures. His favorite was Robb Report with all the high end toys. I woke up the limo driver Kato, the chinese guy-do you remember him? and had him drive me to the all night store that sold magazines.

When I got to the store I must have bought over a dozen magazines. Magazines on big beautiful homes, magazines on fashion and the music industry. I got him anything I thought would be an interest to him. I must have been walking down the childrens toys aisle towards the cash register and saw a light brown medium sized stuffed teddy bear. It was sort of cute I guess. I thought it would be sort of a gag to give him a teddy bear so I bought it and put it in a brown paper bag.

I got to the doctors office and gave Michael all the magazines that I chose. He seemed delighted with all of my choices. He thanked me for coming out- He always thanked me-

As I was about to leave I gave him the brown paper bag which contained the teddy bear and said to him, "here ya go- in case you get lonely tonight, this will keep you company".I then said good night and told him that I would be there in the morning to pick him up. He said good night but still did not look in the bag-

The next day I got to the doctors office around 9:00 in the morning and told the nurse I was there to pick up Michael. I had the limo parked by the VIP door so that he could go directly from the office into the limo. The nurse came to the door and told me that he would be ready in a couple of minutes and would be coming out shortly. I did my usual security check around me making sure there were no cameras or paparazzis etc.

The door opened and Michael came out. He smiled and said "Good Morning Mike"
As I was saying good morning back to him, I saw that in his hands, holding it against his chest was the Teddy Bear that I gave him. It was the only thing he brought with him- he left all his magazines behind. In the limo I saw he held on to the teddy bear and in never came out of his hands.

So- that is the story of the teddy bear. I hope it was not too boring to you. It made me realize just how sensative and/or appreciative he was for small gestures of caring. We never spoke of the teddy bear. I never shared this story (if I remember correctly) with anyone else. You have my permission to share this story with as many friends or fans as you wish!

Okay, thats all for now- I hope everything is well with you.