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MJ icons!

My last icon post was 3 years ago, can you believe it?! :o

I'm starting with Michael Jackson because he's always been my main icon theme lol. I just love him. Next time maybe my fav tv shows and movies...or text icons :D
And sorry about some having too many variations. I just couldn't decide...There are even more of them but I managed to leave them out haha!
I also managed to stay away from grunge this time and try something softer looking. I hope you like!


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Credit me if you use any. Comments are nice too :)

credit for textures: bourbonate, bttrflykiss, digitaldesigner, gfxgurl, lookslikerain, midnightroad (this was the name on the textures but I can't find the person on LJ or DA), sanami276, spooky_window, spookyzangel, vikyvampirs90

icons: MJ, Madonna, Janet, Salvador Dalí art

I don't remember posting so many icons in one batch EVER! XD
Lol is it just me or does these icons make you wanna take out a duster and use it on the computer screen?


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credits: 77words & ytiralc. I don't remember where I got the dusty polaroid from (it's been on my computer for over a year)

Comment and credit is nice if taking. But don't credit me for the Dalí icons! Credit the master! I just cropped his wonderful artwork into 100x100 squares!

edit- I have a new computer now and I have to add my old monitor was darker and now that I look at these icons...I just want to say they look too dusty! That wasn't my original intention. :(

icons: MJ, EW, models, JK, TM, TG

New icons! My previous icon post was a clean style. This one more of a mixture :]
sorry about too many variations. Sometimes I just can't decide

/11/ Michael Jackson
/8/ Elijah Wood
/8/ models
/2/ James Bond
/5/ Johnny Knoxville
/1/ Tobey
/1/ Topher Grace

some previews...

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credits: 77words, damnicons, inxsomniax, dearest

!! comment & credit if taking


LMAO I'm sucha lame person. I made a batch of icons with ONE coloring XD (like my icon). I was playing with PS, made few icons and when I came to this combination...I made some more haha

yeah I suck. BIG TIME!
well what do you expect from a talentless person like me? I'm not that creative with icons. That eneeweeeneeeetineeee 100x100 squares lol. Sometimes I say to myself: "Girl are you nuts for spending so much time on those little things" o_O

No I am not drunk. This batch is purely coincidental (the subjects & the numbers). This is not a conspiracy.
I can't believe it. Only 3 icons of MJ

!13 Beatles (defferent versions included)
!01 Lisa Marie Presley
!03 Michael Jackson
!01 TEXT

meh a previewssss:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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CREDITS= inxomniax {for the brush on the 2nd icon from the BEATLES batch} & loveprint {the TEXT icon}

!DO NOT hotlink or edit the icons

The Disappearicons 50 Binge (part two)!

Joined it since nobody has replied for MJ icons yet. So why NOT?? I love making Michael Jackson icons!! :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Note: The textless icons are not bases! So DO NOT EDIT THEM IN ANY WAY
Credits: chouchune & Thia (insomniac)

hmm...now that I've made 50 icons I don't think that's a lot anymore. I might do it more often! Besides, I have even more MJ icons! I'm gonna share them next week if I'll still like them (I usually delete the ugly ones after a while, that's why I wait few days before posting hehe)

I hope you like the icons ^^

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Wow...how long has it been since my last icons post? Month? Two months?? Anyways, I was in an icon making mood today and made 15 MICHAEL JACKSON icons! I'm experimenting with the "color balance" function more and white borders (as usual)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Credits: chouchune & Thia (insomniac)

Edit: ah shit. I made a typo on no4. And I didn't save the .psd :(. Oh well *lol* XD I can always say I did that on purpose :P