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I hope someone will like these! Text is from songs that I really like recently.

1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8

Marilyn Manson 1, 2, 3
Queen 5
The Doors 6
Rolling Stones 7, 8
Franz Ferdinand 4

Credit for textures: random photo from tumblr, bourbonate, butterphil, spooky_window

Please comment and credit :)

MJ icons!

My last icon post was 3 years ago, can you believe it?! :o

I'm starting with Michael Jackson because he's always been my main icon theme lol. I just love him. Next time maybe my fav tv shows and movies...or text icons :D
And sorry about some having too many variations. I just couldn't decide...There are even more of them but I managed to leave them out haha!
I also managed to stay away from grunge this time and try something softer looking. I hope you like!


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Credit me if you use any. Comments are nice too :)

credit for textures: bourbonate, bttrflykiss, digitaldesigner, gfxgurl, lookslikerain, midnightroad (this was the name on the textures but I can't find the person on LJ or DA), sanami276, spooky_window, spookyzangel, vikyvampirs90

icons: MJ, Madonna, Janet, Salvador Dalí art

I don't remember posting so many icons in one batch EVER! XD
Lol is it just me or does these icons make you wanna take out a duster and use it on the computer screen?


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credits: 77words & ytiralc. I don't remember where I got the dusty polaroid from (it's been on my computer for over a year)

Comment and credit is nice if taking. But don't credit me for the Dalí icons! Credit the master! I just cropped his wonderful artwork into 100x100 squares!

edit- I have a new computer now and I have to add my old monitor was darker and now that I look at these icons...I just want to say they look too dusty! That wasn't my original intention. :(

icons: MJ, EW, models, JK, TM, TG

New icons! My previous icon post was a clean style. This one more of a mixture :]
sorry about too many variations. Sometimes I just can't decide

/11/ Michael Jackson
/8/ Elijah Wood
/8/ models
/2/ James Bond
/5/ Johnny Knoxville
/1/ Tobey
/1/ Topher Grace

some previews...

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credits: 77words, damnicons, inxsomniax, dearest

!! comment & credit if taking

18 simple text icons

Okay...I abused ewanism's brushes a bit here XD
I just wanted to make something clean and simple this time with limited colours

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oh and I used 77words table generator. Fun stuff. Fun. LOL

!! comment & credit if taking

P.S.: if you're curious about the latin ones...google them XD

edit: Yess...I've finished downloading "James Brown (Soul Train 1971)" FINALLY


LMAO I'm sucha lame person. I made a batch of icons with ONE coloring XD (like my icon). I was playing with PS, made few icons and when I came to this combination...I made some more haha

yeah I suck. BIG TIME!
well what do you expect from a talentless person like me? I'm not that creative with icons. That eneeweeeneeeetineeee 100x100 squares lol. Sometimes I say to myself: "Girl are you nuts for spending so much time on those little things" o_O

No I am not drunk. This batch is purely coincidental (the subjects & the numbers). This is not a conspiracy.
I can't believe it. Only 3 icons of MJ

!13 Beatles (defferent versions included)
!01 Lisa Marie Presley
!03 Michael Jackson
!01 TEXT

meh a previewssss:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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CREDITS= inxomniax {for the brush on the 2nd icon from the BEATLES batch} & loveprint {the TEXT icon}

!DO NOT hotlink or edit the icons