A. (_excentric_) wrote,

the end of Merlin

I'm making a separate entry for this and it's under the cut because of spoilers.

Whyyyyyyy did they end it like this??? They couldn't have ended it worse! All that saving Merlin did through all the series was in vain! I really didn't think they would kill Arthur in the end. I almost cried along with Merlin. I didn't get to enjoy this tv show for very long because I only discovered it 2 years ago and now it's already cancelled. I seem to have this bad luck with tv shows...I discover them just before the last season. Ugh.

Anyway, when I first started watching Merlin, it was funny and sooooo awesome but this last season was very different. Morgana was getting on my nerves and I was actually happy when she died. It was very boring and not at all interesting like the other seasons. There weren't any interesting plots and I didn't laugh much. Such a sad, depressing end of it! Maybe they should have waited a bit longer before marrying Arthur and making Morgana such a obsessed nut.

But it will remain as one of my favorite tv shows so I'm sure I will re-watch it in the future. But I'll probably skip the last season.
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